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MoJobs is a government-owned job portal that offers employers the opportunity to find and hire qualified employees in the state of Missouri. The website's core features include free job postings and a searchable resume database, as well as access to industry data and labor market information.

While the site receives a large amount of website traffic, it does not offer applicant tracking or capabilities for added exposure, such as job post syndication and social media job promotion.


  • Employers can post job advertisements completely free of charge.
  • The platform receives a large amount of website traffic every month.
  • Users can post and manage jobs from the employer dashboard.
  • Employers can filter candidate resumes according to occupation, education level, salary range, and desired work location.
  • Users can upload a company logo to job posts.
  • Job seekers have access to free online training courses and other employment resources.
  • Employers can access employment statistics and labor market information in selected areas.
  • Job seekers can search and apply for jobs on the MoJobs Connect mobile app.
  • The website is available in Spanish.


  • The job posting process is not as straightforward as competitor sites.
  • The mobile app does not allow employers to post jobs through the app.
  • The platform lacks job post syndication, social media promotion, and applicant tracking.


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How to Post a Job on MoJobs:

$0.00 USD
15 Minutes
How to Post a Job on MoJobs:

Five easy steps for posting a job on MoJobs.


Posting a job on MoJobs.

Navigate to the MoJobs website.

On the MoJobs home page, scroll down and click on "Post a Job" under the Employers heading.


Create a user account.

Create a user account.

Under Option 2, click on "Employers and Agents." Read through the online employer agreement and click on "I Agree" when you are done.


Select a representative type.

Select a representative type.

If you are an employer, select "Direct Representative of your Organization" or, if you are a recruiter or third-party agent, select the second option. Then, click on "Next."


Enter your employer identification details.

Enter your employer identification details.

Select the identification type you will be using to set up your account — either your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) or Social Security Number — and enter the number in the field provided. Next, enter your UI Employer account number if you have one and click on "Continue".


Enter your company details and contact information.

Enter your company details and contact information.

Under "Login Information," enter a username and password. Scroll down and fill out the requisite information in the relevant fields, including your company and contact information. When you are finished, click on "Save" at the bottom of the page.

After your application has been approved, you can create your job post.

MoJobs vs.

Like MoJobs, allows employers to post vacancies in Missouri and offers a host of recruitment services. While MoJobs is completely free, MidMoCareers charges $299.00 for a basic job posting. Both job boards have a resume database, but MidMoCareers offers greater value with features like applicant tracking and job syndication.

MoJobs vs. is part of the Circa job network and offers a range of job posting packages, as well as 30- and 60-day job posts starting from $275.00. The site offers sponsored job posts, applicant tracking, and more — all features lacking from MoJobs. However, MoJobs is a great option for employers on a tight budget.

MoJobs vs. Indeed:

Indeed is a global job posting site with a much larger reach than MoJobs. However, Indeed's standard resume database search starts from $120.00 per month, whereas users can search the resume database for free on MoJobs. Although MoJobs is limited to the state of Missouri, it may benefit employers looking to hire local talent exclusively.


What is MoJobs?

MoJobs is a regional job board that allows employers to post jobs and connect with talent in the state of Missouri.

What does it cost to post a job on MoJobs?

MoJobs is a completely free job posting site.

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