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For over 25 years, The Rome Group has supported local nonprofits in the St. Louis area through consulting, fundraising, and operational support. The platform receives significant website views each month and features a simple job posting process to help local employers advertise vacancies and connect with talented candidates.

While The Rome Group Career Board does not offer a free job posting option, the platform is more affordable than some competitors. However, it lacks key recruitment features, such as social media promotion, job board syndication, and a resume database of candidates.


  • The Rome Group Career Board is a niche nonprofit career website with a local focus, making it a good resource for targeted hiring.
  • Job ads are active for 60 days.
  • The website receives roughly 35,000 website views each month.
  • Employers can renew job posts after 60 days if the position is not filled.
  • The platform is more affordable than competitors, such as MidMoCareers.com and STLtoday.com Job Board.
  • Job seekers can filter jobs by location, category, and job type to connect with suitable employers.
  • The platform features a quick and easy job posting process.
  • The site features news, industry insights, and events that support St. Louis' philanthropic community.


  • There is no free job posting option.
  • Job ads are not promoted on the platform's social media channels.
  • Job posts are not syndicated to other job boards.
  • The platform lacks a searchable resume database of candidates.


The Rome Group is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and boasts an A+ rating. There are no customer reviews on the site. The platform has a 3.7-star Google rating based on a handful of reviews with most users endorsing the platform.





$150.00 /post.


$250.00 /post.



The Rome Group Career Board vs. MidMoCareers.com:

Similar to The Rome Group, MidMoCareers.com is a local job board that caters to careers in the state of Missouri. MidMoCareers.com is a general job board, whereas The Rome Group has a more specific focus on the nonprofit sector. However, unlike The Rome Group, MidMoCareers.com features job distribution and a resume database.

The Rome Group Career Board vs. Nonprofit Career Network:

Like The Rome Group, Nonprofit Career Network is a career platform that specializes in the nonprofit job market. While The Rome Group may be better for targeted hiring thanks to its local focus, Nonprofit Career Network offers employers access to a larger audience across the U.S. and is also the more affordable option.

The Rome Group Career Board vs. STLtoday.com Job Board:

STLtoday.com Job Board and The Rome Group both cater to talent in St. Louis, making them ideal for local hiring. However, The Rome Group's nonprofit niche makes it a more targeted job board. In addition, STLtoday.com Job Board is costlier than The Rome Group, charging $275.00 per job post, compared to the latter's $150.00.

Key Information

Legal Name

The Rome Group

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1995


3101 Olive St., St. Louis, MO 63103




1 (314) 533-0930




What does it cost to post a job on The Rome Group Career Board?

The Rome Group's job post pricing starts from $150.00 per job post.

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