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WorkplaceDiversity.com Network Posting


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20 WorkplaceDiversity.com Network Postings


*All online job postings run for 60 days.


LGBTConnect.com is a niche job board that forms part of the WorkplaceDiversity.com network of diversity websites. Unlike many of its competitors, job posts run for 60 days, and employers have the option of paying for their job ads to be syndicated on other job boards. The platform also offers basic applicant tracking facilities.


  • LGBTConnect.com is a niche job board specifically aimed at the LGBTQ+ community.
  • All job posts run for 60 days.
  • Employers can choose to have their jobs syndicated on the WorkplaceDiverity.com network.
  • Network posts include spotlight jobs and featured company upgrades.
  • The platform includes basic applicant tracking facilities.
  • Bulk packages are available at discounted rates.


  • LGBTConnect.com does not offer free job postings.
  • Basic job posts do not include job board syndication.
  • The platform lacks candidate-matching facilities.
  • Job posts are not shared on social media.


We were unable to find reviews of LGBTConnect.com.

LGBTConnect.com vs. JobBoard.lgbt:

Where LGBTConnect.com charges $200.00 per job post, JobBoard.lgbt is more affordable with pricing starting at C149.00 per post. Of the two, LGBTConnect.com has more to offer with network upgrades where employers can have their jobs syndicated to other sites. Unlike JobBoard.lgbt, LGBTConnect.com also includes basic applicant tracking facilities.

LGBTConnect.com vs. Pink Jobs:

Like LGBTConnect.com, Pink Jobs is a diversity job board where employers can connect with job seekers in the LGBTQ community. While LGBTConnect.com charges upwards of $200.00 for job posts, Pink Jobs offers employers free unlimited posting and access to a resume database. However, only LGBTConnect.com offers job syndication on the diversity network.

LGBTConnect.com vs. LGBTQ+ Career Network:

LGBTQ+ Career Network and LGBTConnect.com offer very similar job posting packages with basic and network postings with distribution to partner sites, spotlight jobs, and featured company posts. Of the two, LGBTConnect.com is the more affordable platform with a basic post costing $200.00 compared to $495.00 on LGBTQ+ Career Network.

Key Information

Legal Name

WorkplaceDiversity.com LCC

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1999


Parsippany, NJ

Number of Employees





1 (973) 992-7311




What does it cost to post a job on LGBTConnect.com?

LGBTConnect.com's pricing starts at $200.00 for a 60-day post. Employers also have the option of paying for syndication on the WorkplaceDiversity.com network.

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