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* is currently in its pre-launch phase. During this time employers can post jobs for free but are requested to make a voluntary donation to the platform.

**Annual subscriptions include up to 50 featured job posts and unlimited access to the resume database.

Review: is a community job board that strives to create diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Employers looking to create a more inclusive and diverse workplace can use the platform to attract and hire qualified LGBTQ staff.

The platform offers both basic and featured job posts as well as resume access, but is missing a few advanced hiring features such as job board syndication and applicant tracking tools.


  • is a niche job board specifically for employers looking to hire members of the LGBTQ community.
  • The platform is more affordable than many of its competitors.
  • Basic job posts include website links, video links, and a company logo.
  • Featured 90-day job posts are available for those hard-to-fill positions.
  • Employers can purchase access to the resume database for direct hiring.
  • Bulk plans and annual subscriptions are available.


  • does not distribute jobs to other job boards or share posts on social media.
  • Access to the resume database costs extra.
  • The job board is missing advanced hiring tools, including applicant tracking and candidate matching.


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How to Post a Job on

$30.00 USD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on

Four easy steps for posting a job on


Posting a job on


Go to the employer page.

Go to the employer page.

Navigate to the on employer page and click on the "Post LGBT Friendly Job" button.


Enter your account details.

Enter your account details.

Scroll down the page and sign in or enter your details to create a new account.

Scroll down to the next section.


Enter your job posting details.

Enter your job posting details.

Fill in your job posting details in the blocks provided including the job category, salary, and description.

Scroll down to the next section.


Create an account and publish your job post.

Create an account and publish your job post.

Fill in your company details including a tagline, website URL, and social media link.

You have the option of uploading a logo and a link to a company video.

Check the box to accept the terms and conditions.

Check the box to confirm you are not a robot.

Save your post as a draft or preview your post.

Post your job. vs. Pride Careers:

Like, Pride Careers is an LGBTQ job board with extended 90-day job postings. While offers free and paid options starting at $30.00 per post, Pride Careers' pricing starts at $495.00 per post. Unlike, Pride Careers distributes jobs to a diversity network but offers resume database access which Pride Careers lacks. vs. is part of the network of diversity and inclusive job boards. Unlike, the platform distributes job posts to partner sites and includes basic applicant tracking tools. is more affordable, with free and paid posts starting at $30.00.'s pricing starts at $200.00 per post. vs. Out Professionals Job Board:

Out Professionals is a nonprofit organization for LGBTQ professionals that hosts a free job board. Unlike, the platform does not offer featured job posts or access to any kind of resume database. However, job posting will always be free, while will soon charge employers upward of $30.00 for a basic post.

Key Information

Legal Name

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2015


201 W. Ocean Ave., Ste. 3612, Lantana, Florida 33462

Number of Employees



1 (561) 990-9554



What is is a job board for members of the LGBTQ community.

What does it cost to post a job on

While the platform is in its pre-launch phase, employers can post jobs for free. After this time, pricing will start at $30.00 for a basic 30-day job post.

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