Job Posting Sites - Malaysia

Find the top 10 places to post your jobs in Malaysia. Includes many free options, as well as niche boards to help you fill roles faster.

Last updated January 15th, 2018

Fill your open jobs fast with help from this list of the best 10 job posting sites in Malaysia. Malaysia has essential local sites that you'll want to use to get your jobs to the right audience. There are also world-renowned job sites that do well in this market.

Our list includes many free options, and we've listed pricing info to make your decision easier.

Top 10 Job Posting Sites in Malaysia:

Our Rank Job Board Name Posting Options
1. Indeed Free and paid.
2. Glassdoor Free and paid.
3. Google for Jobs Free job postings.
4. Paid job postings.
5. Maukerja Paid job postings starting at RM 400.00.
6. SkootJobs Free job postings.
7. StartUpJobs.Asia Free job postings.
8. Wobb Paid job postings starting at RM 450.00.
9. Paid job postings starting at RM 200.00.
10. Monster Paid job postings starting at $118.00 USD.