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May 13th, 2019

Fill your open jobs fast with help from this list of the best 10 job posting sites in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has essential local sites that you'll want to use to get your jobs to the right audience. There are also world-renowned job sites that do well in this market.

Our list includes many free options, and we've also listed pricing info to make your decision easier.

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Top 10 Job Posting Sites in Hong Kong:

Our Rank

Job Board Name

Posting Options



Free and paid.


Google for Jobs

Free job postings.



Free and paid.


Free job postings.


Paid, starting at HK$ 880.00 per post.



Paid, starting at HK$ 500.00 per post.


Free job postings.


Paid, starting at HK$ 600.00 per post.





Paid, starting at $375.00 USD per post.

Hong Kong Job Posting Site FAQs:

Are there any free job posting sites in Hong Kong?

Yes, there are several free job posting sites Hong Kong employers can use, including,, and Google for Jobs.

When it comes to free job posting, Hong Kong has some of the best choices. Start with these and see how they perform before moving on to paid sites.

It's taking a long time to fill my jobs in Hong Kong. Any recommendations?

Contact the National University of Hong Kong and Shue Yan University to find out about advertising jobs to alumni. Try posting your job in different parts of Hong Kong as well.

What else can I do to fill jobs in Central?

Place ads in local newspapers, such as the South China Morning Post and The Standard. Contact local colleges, including Munsang College and Compass College to share jobs with students and alumni.

You can get more tips on job postings from our job posting template article.

Central Job Posting Sites:

Find More Regional Job Sites: