Human Resources

Advice, tips, step-by-step instructions, templates, and job boards to help you with human resources tasks, goals, and projects.

Rejection Letter

Find out about job rejection letters with our guide and templates.

Reduction in Force Letter

Learn how to write a reduction in force letter or download a free template.

Reasons for Leaving a Job

How to explain why you left your previous job in an interview.

Professional Code of Conduct

How to create a code of conduct with a free downloadable template.

Paid Time Off Policy

How to create a paid time off policy.

Overtime Policy

Overtime policy sample and complete overview.

Noncompete Agreement Template

Ensure your company's security with our noncompete agreement template.

New Hire Forms

The necessary new hire forms for your business.

New Hire Checklist

Cover all the necessary onboarding steps with our checklists below.

New Employee Welcome Letter and Email

Make staff feel valued with our new employee welcome letter and email templates.

Letter of Recommendation

A step-by-step guide to writing a letter of recommendation with a downloadable template, various samples, and frequently asked questions.

Layoff Letter

Information about layoff letters, and free downloadable template.