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July 24th, 2019

CW Jobs is a UK job posting site for jobs in information technology. CW Jobs is a leading resource for tech jobs across the UK.

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All CW Jobs job postings start at £249.00 per posting. Discounts are available if you purchase multiple postings.

How to Post a Job on CW Jobs:

  1. Click "Advertise Now."
  2. Select the type of posting that you would like to purchase.
  3. Call the CW team at 0333 0145 111.
  4. Share all of the job details with the CW staff. They will design a posting for you.
  5. After you have reviewed your posting and paid for it, it will be added to the website.

Key Information:




London, England


Shobhan Gajjar

Phone Number

44 (0) 207-572-4200


57 Rathbone Place, London W1T 1JU



What does CW Jobs stand for?

CW Jobs is a UK-based tech recruitment website, The website offers tech jobs for both permanent and contract job seekers across various sectors.

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How do I create a CW Jobs account?

CW Jobs does not have online accounts where you can manage job postings on your own because everything on the site is monitored and managed by the CW Jobs staff.

Learn how to post a job on CW Jobs.

How can I edit a CW Jobs job posting?

If you need to make changes to your CW Jobs job postings, you can call 0333 0145 111 to request edits.

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How can I delete a CW Jobs job posting?

All postings are automatically removed after 28 days. If you would like to delete a posting before it expires, you can call the CW Jobs team at 0333 0145 111 and ask them to remove it.

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