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C$200.00 /post.

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Phone and email.


The Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC) is a sports advancement organization that offers a niche job board, news and events listings, and resources. The platform's job board provides a targeted hiring approach but lacks some notable features included in competitors' plans, including applicant tracking, ad distribution, and candidate matching.


  • Job ads can stay live on the website until the job is filled or the employer decides to have it removed.
  • Posting a job ad on the SIRC's job board is quick and seamless.
  • The SIRC's job board offers a targeted approach to recruiting candidates experienced in sports and fitness.
  • Employers are given access to a comprehensive resource hub that includes helpful tips, blog posts, and guidelines.
  • All job ads include the option to add a third-party application email or website link.
  • The website does offer French translation.


  • Job postings are only available to SIRC Premier Subscription holders.
  • The SIRC Subscription is for nonprofits only. For-profit companies can expect additional costs.
  • There are no free or featured job posting plans available.
  • The platform lacks several standard features, including resume database access, applicant tracking, and candidate matching.
  • Job ads are not distributed to third-party sites or advertised on social media.
  • Compared to top competitors, such as Sports Hired, the SIRC's job board is the costlier alternative.


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It costs C$200.00 to post a job ad on SIRC's job board.

SIRC Job Board vs. Sports Work Canada:

Sports Work Canada is a traditional, sports-focused job board that offers free job postings. Comparatively, the SIRC's job board is membership only, and job postings cost C$200.00 per post. While both platforms lack standard features, such as applicant tracking and social media sharing, only Sports Work Canada offers featured listings.

SIRC Job Board vs. Sports Hired:

Between the two competitors, Sports Hired offers more job posting packages and features, including refreshes and featured posts, and it's the more affordable choice, with prices starting at C$100.00 per post. In comparison, the SIRC job board's pricing starts at C$200.00 per post, and only members of the organization can post vacancies.

SIRC Job Board vs.

The SIRC job board and differ in pricing and features, with the former being the costlier option despite its lack of features. For C$200.00, members of the SIRC can post one job ad for a period of their choosing. With, job ads are free, and the platform offers access to a resume database and job ad distribution.

Key Information

Legal Name

Sport Information Resource Centre

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1973


RA Centre, 2451 Riverside Dr., Ottawa, ON K1H 7X7






What does it cost to post a job ad on the SIRC's job board?

It costs C$200.00 to post a single job ad on the SIRC's job board. However, sports job postings are only allowed if you carry a SIRC Premier Subscription, which is provided to nonprofit organizations. A for-profit company can post vacancies, but employers can expect additional charges.

Can nonmembers post job ads on the SIRC's job board?

No, the SIRC job board is only available to those who hold an SIRC Premier Subscription.

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