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Sports Work Canada offers employers in Canada a targeted approach to finding candidates for sports-related job opportunities. The platform offers a limited-time free posting plan as well as a featured listing option. However, the site does not provide any additional hiring tools beyond an online dashboard for managing job ads and account details.


  • For a limited time, the job board offers free basic postings.
  • Employers can contact Sports Work Canada to purchase a featured listing.
  • Job ads can be managed from a simple online dashboard.
  • The site reaches a niche audience of professionals interested in pursuing careers related to sports.
  • Employers can add their company logos to job ads.


  • The site is not available in French.
  • The platform does not feature a searchable resume database, applicant tracking tools, or job ad distribution.


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Featured Listing

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*Limited time offer.

Sports Work Canada vs. Sports Hired:

With a starting price of C$80.00 per post, Sports Hired is costlier than Sports Work Canada, which offers a free job posting option. Both platforms offer featured listings, but only Sports Hired makes its pricing for these readily available online. Unlike Sports Work Canada, Sports Hired mentions that they share job ads to Google.

Sports Work Canada vs. theClubhouse Job Board:

theClubhouse Job Board and Sports Work Canada both offer a free basic posting option as well as a featured listing plan. Of the two, only theClubhouse Job Board promotes job ads on social media and sends employers matching candidate profiles. Neither platform makes pricing for its featured listing options readily available online.

Sports Work Canada vs. SportsTechJobs:

While Sports Work Canada caters to the general sports sector in Canada, SportsTechJobs targets a more niche audience in the sports tech startup market but has an international reach. With its limited-time free basic job posting plan, Sports Work Canada is more affordable than SportsTechJobs, which has a starting price of US$59.00 per post.

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Sports Work Canada


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What does it cost to post a job on Sports Work Canada?

Sports Work Canada currently offers free basic job postings, but this is a limited-time offer. They also offer featured listings but don't make pricing readily available online. You can contact them by email to request pricing details.

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