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OAA member posting


1 job post

C$250.00 +HST.

3 job posts

C$575.00 +HST.

5 job posts

C$875.00 +HST.


Established in 1889, the OAA is a trusted and respected organization in Canada with a solid reputation. For employers looking to hire architects in Canada, the OAA job board is a good place to start although it is missing advanced hiring tools, including syndication to other job boards and applicant tracking facilities.


  • The OAA job board is a niche job posting site specifically for employers looking to hire qualified architects in Canada.
  • Employers do not need to be a member of the OAA to post jobs.
  • The OAA is an established and respected organization in Canada.
  • The job posting process is quick and easy.
  • Employers can add company logos and website links to job ads.


  • Only OAA members can post jobs for free.
  • Job posts are not syndicated to other job boards or shared on social media.
  • The job board is missing advanced hiring tools including candidate matching and applicant tracking.


While we were unable to find reviews of the OAA job board, the association has a favorable review rating on Facebook.

How to Post a Job on the OAA Job Board:

Members and employers interested in posting a job on the OAA job board must complete and submit the job posting form. Nonmembers must submit payment by cheque or electronic transfer after submitting their job posting. For more details, contact the OAA by phone 1 (416) 449-6898 or email oaamail@oaa.on.ca.

OAA Job Board vs. RAIC Job Board:

The RAIC job board is the official job board of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. Like the OAA job board, members can post jobs for free. Employers can pay for job posts which cost C$149.00 per post compared to C$250.00 on the OAA Job Board. Of the two, only the RAIC job board shares job posts on social media.

OAA Job Board vs. Archinect Jobs:

Archinect Jobs is a U.S.-based architecture job board that local employers can use to advertise jobs in Canada and the U.S. While it doesn't have the local focus of the OAA job board, it is more affordable with pricing starting at US$95.00 per post, compared to C$250.00 on the OAA Job Board. Of the two, only Archinect offers access to a resume database.

OAA Job Board vs. AIBC Classifieds:

The AIBC Classifieds is a job board hosted by the Architectural Institute of British Columbia. Both members and nonmembers can post jobs for free and access the resume database. In comparison, only members can post jobs for free on the OAA job board, while nonmembers pay C$250.00 per post. The OAA job board also lacks a resume database.

Key Information

Legal Name

Ontario Association of Architects

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1889


111 Moatfield Dr., Toronto, ON M3B 3L6








What does the OAA stand for?

The OAA stands for the Ontario Association of Architects.

What is the OAA job board?

The OAA job board is an architecture job board hosted by the Ontario Association of Architects where members and employers can post job opportunities.

What does it cost to post a job on the OAA job board?

For nonmembers it costs C$250.00 +HST to post a job. OAA members can post jobs for free.

What is the OAA in architecture?

The Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) is a membership organization that governs and regulates companies and individuals involved in the practice of architecture in Ontario.

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