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*Prices were obtained after creating an employer account.


Jobs in Canada aims to help employers fill their vacancies in various industries with talent from the local job market. The platform offers a job bank, employer directory, and career guide, ensuring that jobs reach relevant candidates. The site's main services include featured listings, social media promotion, and access to a resume database.

The platform caters to small, medium, large, and enterprise businesses, offering employers a budget-friendly option for sourcing qualified professionals. However, the job board receives less than 50,000 unique monthly visits, suggesting they are less popular than local competitors, such as Job Bank and Indeed.


  • Jobs in Canada offers multiple job posting plans to suit different hiring needs.
  • Listings stay active on the job board for either 60 or 90 days, depending on the posting package.
  • The "Featured Job Posting" plan includes candidate screening questions and an applicant tracking system.
  • Jobs are shared on the platform's social media pages for increased exposure.
  • The "Employer Profile" plan allows companies to add their profile to the site's employer directory.
  • Jobs in Canada features a resume database of qualified candidates.
  • The "Featured Employer" plan adds employer's company logos to the site's home page.
  • Job description writing and interview process development services are available.
  • Brands that make use of the platform include The Home Depot, Kleysen Transport, and Nav Canada.


  • Jobs in Canada does not offer a free trial or job posting plan.
  • Listings aren't distributed to other job boards.
  • The platform receives less than 50,000 unique monthly visits, making it less popular than local competitors.


We were unable to find any online reviews of Jobs in Canada.

How to Post a Job on Jobs in Canada:

45.00 CAD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Jobs in Canada:

Six easy steps for posting a job on Jobs in Canada.


Posting a job on Jobs in Canada.


Go to Jobs in Canada's home page.

Go to Jobs in Canada's home page.

On the home page, click on "ADD LISTING" in the top-right corner.


Select a job posting package.

Select a job posting package.

Read through the available packages. Once you've chosen your preferred plan, click on the button that reads "CLICK TO REGISTER, THEN SELECT PLAN" under the applicable heading.


Review your package selection.

Review your package selection.

On the next page, click on "Select Now." Ensure you've chosen the correct package, and click on "Checkout" to continue.


Create an employer account.

Create an employer account.

On the pop-up message, click on "Register Now." Fill out the online form, check the reCAPTCHA box, and agree to the site's terms of usage. Then, click on "Register."

To activate your account, click on the verification link sent your email.


Purchase your listing.

Purchase your listing.

On your dashboard, click on the shopping cart toward the top-right corner of the page. Review your order and click on "Checkout."

You'll be redirected to PayPal where you can complete your purchase.


Create and post your vacancy.

Create and post your vacancy.

Once your payment has been processed, you'll be able to create and post your vacancy to the job board.

Jobs in Canada vs. Job Bank:

Like Jobs in Canada, Job Bank lists a variety of general vacancies. While Jobs in Canada charges C$45.00 for a basic listing, Job Bank is a free job posting service, making it more economical. Job Bank is also more popular than Jobs in Canada, with over five million monthly listing views, which might help employers find candidates faster.

Jobs in Canada vs. Workopolis:

Workopolis allows employers to post a variety of general vacancies and offers both free and paid plans. In comparison, Jobs in Canada also caters to the general job market but only has paid posting options. Both sites offer featured listings and resume searches, but being partnered with Indeed, Workopolis has a larger reach than Jobs in Canada.

Jobs in Canada vs. CanadaJobs.com:

Jobs in Canada and CanadaJobs.com both serve the local job market, but the latter is more affordable, offering a free job posting service, whereas Jobs in Canada charges C$45.00 for a basic listing. Both platforms are great for local hiring, but Jobs in Canada features resume searches and social media promotion, which CanadaJobs.com lacks.

Key Information

Legal Name

VARiZE Marketing Inc.

Founding Date

Mar. 01, 2011


206-2906 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 2G8


1 (416) 907-3270




What is Jobs in Canada?

Jobs in Canada is a general job board that connects employers with job seekers throughout Canada.

What does it cost to post a job on Jobs in Canada?

Jobs in Canada's pricing starts from C$45.00 for a basic posting. Featured plans are also available,

How do I create an account on Jobs in Canada?

  1. Navigate to Jobs in Canada's home page and click on "ADD LISTING."
  2. In the top-right corner, click on "Register."
  3. Fill out the online form and check the reCAPTCHA box. Then, click on "Register" to create your account.

How do I delete my job post from Jobs in Canada?

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. On your dashboard, click on "My Listings" and select the job post you'd like to remove.
  3. Click on "Delete."

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