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30 days.

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Applicant tracking and candidate matching tools



DailyRemote offers employers a simple and effective way to post remote vacancies across the globe. Once a job is listed on the job board, it is automatically distributed to Google, sent out as an email alert, and shared on X - formerly known as Twitter, as well as LinkedIn and Instagram.


  • Job posts can be highlighted or pinned for added exposure.
  • Discounts are available for registered 501(c) nonprofit organizations.
  • Major companies such as Netflix, IBM, and Amazon have used DailyRemote.
  • Jobs are automatically distributed on Google.
  • Job email alerts are sent to over 700,000 job seekers.
  • Listings are shared on social media.


  • Pricing is only available in U.S. Dollars.
  • The website is not available in French.
  • DailyRemote does not offer a free job posting option.
  • The platform lacks a resume database.
  • Aside from Google for Jobs, listings are not distributed to other job boards.


We were unable to find any online reviews of DailyRemote.




30-day job post


Highlight your ad


Pin your job to the top


*DailyRemote offers discounts for registered 501(c) nonprofits as well as bulk discounts and monthly subscriptions. Contact the company for more information.

DailyRemote vs. Working Nomads:

Working Nomads is more affordable than DailyRemote, charging upwards of US$199.00 per post compared to the starting price of US$49.00 per post on DailyRemote. While both platforms include email blasts and social media sharing, Working Nomads receives significantly higher global web traffic.

DailyRemote vs. Remote OK:

Both Remote OK charges upwards of US$299.00 per post while DailyRemote's pricing starts at $49.00. Of the two, only Remote OK distributes posts to over 160 other job boards. While both platforms distribute jobs on Google and offer paid features to highlight and promote listings, only Remote OK offers candidate matching tools for an additional fee.

DailyRemote vs. receives far more web traffic than DailyRemote and the platform offers free job postings for qualifying companies. DailyRemote charges upwards of US$49.00 per post but this also includes distribution on social media and job email alerts. Both platforms receive most of their traffic from the U.S. but can list jobs by country or category.

Key Information

Legal Name



New York, New York, USA




Is DailyRemote legit?

Yes, DailyRemote is a legitimate job board for remote and flex jobs.

What does it cost to post a job on DailyRemote?

DailyRemote's pricing starts at US$49.00 per post. The company also offers discounts for registered 501(c) nonprofits.

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