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*The Canadian Environmental Network offers an honor system for employers who cannot afford to pay the placement fee. If an employer cannot pay, they can choose the "Can't pay" option and explain their situation in the comment section after which RCEN will make a decision to post the ad for free.


RCEN is an independent, non-partisan organization that supports environmental NGOs with networking and communication services and opportunities.

RCEN acts as a bridge between large and small environmental groups and individuals. The platform assists employers with hiring qualified candidates through its dedicated job board.


  • The organization allows small companies that cannot afford to advertise their vacancies to place ads for free.
  • The site is available in French and English.
  • The platform offers a one-step job posting process.
  • The platform hosts networking and recruitment events where employers can meet potential candidates.
  • Offers numerous provincial affiliate networks that employers in search of candidates can connect to.
  • Job posts are categorized according to job levels, volunteer, and paid work.
  • Jobs are shared to the organization's social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Bookmarks.
  • Job posts are linked to GoodWork.ca, a green job posting site that has been operating in Canada since 2001.


  • The platform does not specify for how long job posts are active.
  • Employers have to pay extra for job posts to be shared to partner sites and social media.
  • Postings are subject to approval by RCEN staff members.


We could not find any reviews for RCEN, but you can visit GoodWork.ca's website for client testimonials.

How to Post a Job on RCEN:

100.00 CAD
15 Minutes
How to Post a Job on RCEN:

Four easy steps for posting a job on RCEN.


Posting a Job on RCEN.

Navigate to the home page.

On the first page of the site choose between English and French. You will then be redirected to the home page.


Select "Goodwork Opportunities."

Select "Goodwork Opportunities."

On the home page, click on "Get Involved" in the header, and click on "Goodwork Opportunities" in the drop-down menu.


Click on "Post a Job."

Click on "Post a Job."

Click on "Post a Job" next to the Jobs heading.


Enter your job posting details.

Enter your job posting details.

Complete the job details on the online form and submit it for approval. Once the ad is approved and payment received, your job posting will appear on the job board.

RCEN vs. ECO Canada Job Board:

While ECO Canada is a Canadian nonprofit environmental organization, RCEN is an independent organization that supports different nonprofit organizations to reach their goals. Both offer similar recruitment features, but RCEN's job board does not offer HR solutions, while ECO Canada's does.

RCEN vs. Malakye:

While RCEN is an environmental job board, Malakye is a niche recruitment site for employers and job seekers in the outdoor and lifestyle sectors. RCEN is a Canadian job posting site, while Malakye is based in the U.S., but posts jobs in Canada. Job posts on RCEN are much cheaper compared to Malakye.

RCEN vs. Idealist:

While Idealist is a nonprofit organization that helps employees advance their social impact careers, RCEN only focuses on environmental recruitment. RCEN only operates in Canada, while Idealist has a network of 130,000 organizations around the world. Job posts are free for non-U.S. companies, while RCEN's pricing starts at C$30.00 per job post.

Key Information

Legal Name

Canadian Environmental Network (RCEN)

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1977


214 Manchester Ave., Unit 2, Ottawa, ON K1Y 1Y9, CA

Number of Employees









What is the Canadian Environmental Network (RCEN)?

RCEN is an independent organization aimed at supporting NGOs in the environmental sector. The platform hosts a job board that connects employers with qualified individuals who are passionate about environmental affairs.

What does it cost to post on RCEN?

RCEN's pricing starts at C$30.00 and increases to C$400.00 depending on the additional support needed and the type of organization placing the ad.

Do I need to create an account on RCEN?

No, you do not need to create an account to post a job on RCEN.

How do I delete a job post on RCEN?

You can revise, extend or remove a job posting at any time by contacting RCEN.

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