Black Boston Jobs


From $45.00 /post.

Free offer


Post duration

60 days.

Applicant tracking system


Resume database search


Job ad distribution

Customer support

Phone, email, and online.


Created and hosted by Black Boston, an online website dedicated to highlighting local Black-owned businesses, Black Boston Jobs includes a job board that offers 45-day job postings, email blasts, social media sharing, and job ad distribution. As an additional benefit, the platform also offers advertisement plans that could help improve visibility.


  • Job advertisements are distributed to Digital Black Boston websites, increasing ad visibility.
  • Black Boston Jobs provides employers with full job description templates.
  • Compared to its competitors, Black Boston Jobs offers longer post-duration times.
  • The platform offers access to a focused job board in the Boston region.
  • Employers can add a company logo to their advertisements to improve credibility.
  • Job ads are shared on Black Boston Jobs' Twitter feed.
  • Employers can add their business to the Black Boston business directory.


  • There are no free job posting offers available.
  • The platform lacks comprehensive employer branding features.
  • Black Boston Jobs does not offer an applicant tracking system or a resume database.
  • Unlike close competitors, job ads only go live in 48 hours.
  • The platform only offers one job posting plan.


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One Time Ad Service (45 days)

$45.00 /post.

General Advertising (60 days)

$55.00 /post.

One-year Ad Service

$275.00 /yr.

Research Study Recruitment Campaigner

$275.00 /yr.

Side Panel Banner Ad Slot (90 days)

$150.00 /post.

Footer Banner Ad Slot (90 days)

$225.00 /post.

Header, Banner Ad Slot (90 days)

$400.00 /post.

Black Boston Jobs vs. Built in Boston:

Both Built in Boston and Black Boston Jobs are niche job boards targeting employers and job seekers in Boston. However, with Black Boston Jobs, employers can advertise diverse job vacancies in Black-owned businesses for $45.00 per post. Built in Boston, on the other hand, focuses on tech and startup jobs, and its pricing starts at $69.00 per post.

Black Boston Jobs vs. JobsInMA:

The most significant differences between JobsInMA and Black Boston Jobs are their diverse pricing and reach. While Black Boston Jobs' prices start at $45.00 per post and only target Black-owned businesses, JobsInMA focuses on the entire Massachusetts region, and prices start at $219.00 per month, making it the more costly option.

Black Boston Jobs vs. MassLive Jobs:

In comparison to Black Boston Jobs, which charges $45.00 per post, MassLive Jobs stands out as the costlier option, with its prices starting at $375.00 per post. However, for the additional cost, offers statewide exposure and more features missing from Black Boston Jobs offerings, including advanced social media sharing.

Key Information

Legal Name

BostonMurrell, LLC d/b/a

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1638


867 Bolyston St., Ste. 500, Boston, MA 02116



1 (617) 942-1301



What is Black Boston Jobs?

Black Boston Jobs is a regional job board dedicated to shining a light on Black-owned businesses in Boston, Massachusetts. Hosted by Black Boston, the job board offers standard features, such as 60-day postings and job ad distributions, to help employers find local talent faster.

How much does it cost to post a job ad on Black Boston Jobs?

Black Boston Jobs' pricing ranges between $45.00 and $400.00 per post, depending on the plan you choose.

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