A detailed review of the job board.

August 11th, 2020 is an online classified website that allows U.S. residents to buy and sell items, offer and find services, and search for jobs. There is a dedicated job tab where users can search using their area code, keywords, and/or using industry categories provided by the site.


No pricing information is available on the website. Contact the website directly to find out about their pricing.

Pros & Cons:



The webite has a large audience.

It is not a dedicated job board, so job seekers may not think to look for vacancies.

Location and title filters make it easier to find an appropriate vacancy.

Visitors are redirected when attempting to read full job descriptions.

Many jobs seem to be expired when redirected to the job board they were originally posted on.

Review: has a large audience thanks to the wide range of products and services available on the site. Their jobs tab has filters and search bars to make finding listings easier, but a few of these listings expire before they are removed from the site. The redirection process can also be tedious.

There have been allegations that takes posts from other websites and reposts them on their own. Many of those reposted listings are fairly old and the owners of listed items have not given their consent to the site to advertise their information online.


The site has a large audience and filters that make searching easier. Users can search for jobs within a specific area, select an industry, submit keywords, and sort results.

There is a large selection of vacancies for most industries, with construction alone boasting 5,000 listings.


While the site provides a large directory of vacancies, many of them are inaccessible when redirected to the post on another job board.


There is an overwhelming consensus from users on Trustpilot that this website is a scam and takes old advertisements from other sites to generate revenue from people who advertise on their website.

Individuals have received messages regarding items that they had posted to other classified websites years earlier, showing that had taken these listings without permission from the owners.

How to Post a Job on

  1. On the far right of the homepage, select "Post a Job."
  2. You will be redirected to Indeed where a promotional offer is available.
  3. Create an account or sign in to your Indeed account.
  4. Your account will need to be verified by Indeed before receiving the next steps to post a job.

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What is is a local classified advertisement website that includes a section for job vacancies.

Are there any reviews?

Yes, there are several customer reviews online. Most reviews state that the website steals old posts from other websites like Craigslist.