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Americanlisted.com is partnered with Indeed, offering a free job posting service. A sponsored job starts from $5.00 per day, depending on the set budget.


Americanlisted.com has a large audience thanks to the wide range of products and services available on the site. Their jobs tab has various categories to make finding listings easier, but a few of these listings expire before they are removed from the site. The redirection process can also be tedious.

While Americanlisted.com allows employers to post their listings through Indeed, the platform is not a traditional job board and may not offer employers the same value as other job sites, such as ZipRecruiter and Monster.


  • Americanlisted.com advertises vacancies throughout the U.S.
  • Top job categories include accounting, automotive, manufacturing, sales, and hospitality.
  • Employers can post jobs to the platform through Indeed.
  • Listings are sent to job seekers via email alerts.
  • Employers can post permanent, contract, and shift work at all career levels.


  • Americanlisted.com is not a traditional job board, which may deter job seekers from using the site.
  • The platform lacks several key hiring services, including featured listings and candidate matching tools.
  • Employers can only post a job through Indeed, which unnecessarily complicates the job posting process.


There is an overwhelming consensus from users on Trustpilot that this website is a scam and takes old advertisements from other sites to generate revenue from people who advertise on their website.

Individuals have received messages regarding items that they had posted to other classified websites years earlier, showing that Americanlisted.com had taken these listings without permission from the owners.

How to Post a Job on Americanlisted.com:

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5 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Americanlisted.com:

Five easy steps for posting a job on Americanlisted.com.


Posting a Job on Americanlisted.com.

Navigate to Americanlisted.com

From the home page, click on "Post an Ad." On the next page, click on "Jobs" in the top banner and select "Jobs" again from the drop-down menu. Then, click on "Post a Job."


Start the job posting process.

Start the job posting process.

You'll be redirected to Indeed. To start the job posting process, click on "Post a job."


Add your listing's details.

Add your listing's details.

To create your job post, add your listing's details to the online form, clicking on "Save and continue" to proceed to the next section.

Once all the sections have been completed, click on "Save and continue."


Review your job post.

Review your job post.

Read through your job post to ensure that the information provided is correct. If you'd like to make any changes, click on the pencil icon next to the section that needs to be edited. Once you're done, click on "Confirm."

Set your application preferences and communication settings. Then, click on "Save and continue."

Add pre-screening questions and click on "Save and continue."

You can also click on "Show Preview" to see what your listing will look like live.


Set a budget.

Set a budget.

You can choose to sponsor your job for increased visibility by setting a daily budget and clicking on "Save and continue," following which you will need to complete your billing information.

Americanlisted.com vs. Craigslist:

Americanlisted.com and Craigslist are both classified websites that host a general job board. While Americanlisted.com offers free and paid job postings through Indeed, Craiglist's paid plans are dependent on the listing's location. However, Craigslist receives more traffic than Americanlisted.com, which may help employers hire talent faster.

Americanlisted.com vs. LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is a professional social network with both a local and global reach. In comparison, Americanlisted.com is a classified website with a general job board and primarily caters to the U.S. job market. While both platforms offer free job posting plans, LinkedIn is the more popular option with a much larger audience than Americanlisted.com.

Americanlisted.com vs. ZipRecruiter:

Similar to Americanlisted.com, ZipRecruiter advertises a range of general vacancies across the U.S. Of the two sites, ZipRecruiter offers employers the best visibility, distributing jobs to more than 100 partner job sites. However, it is the more costly option, charging $299.00 for a listing, while Americanlisted.com has a free job posting plan.

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Thomas J. Westling

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2007


200 E 5th Ave., Ste. 125A, Naperville, IL 60563

Number of Employees







What is Americanlisted.com?

Americanlisted.com is a local classified advertisement website that includes a section for job vacancies.

Are there any Americanlisted.com reviews?

Yes, there are several customer reviews online. Most reviews state that the website steals old posts from other websites, such as Craigslist.

How much does it cost to post a job on Americanlisted.com?

Americanlisted.com is partnered with Indeed, offering a free job posting service. A sponsored job starts from $5.00 per day, depending on the set budget.

Is Americanolisted.com fake?

Although Americanlisted.com is a real website, there have been a number of complaints mentioning that the website is a scam.

What are some alternatives to Americanlisted.com?

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