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We could only find pricing for a promotional package that costs $797.00 per post. For more information about pricing schedule a chat with the Talent Oasis team.

The promotional package includes:

  • Placement of the job ad in the Job Newsletter.
  • Promotion on social media.
  • Industry and Geo-targeting of candidates.
  • Feature on the homepage for a day.
  • Placement of the job ad on the Wall Street Oasis website (with an option to apply directly through your company).


The Talent Oasis assists employers with the hiring process by screening candidates to judge their qualifications and suitability for a role. They have an intense culling process before sending hiring managers the top 1-5% of candidates, saving time and ensuring that only relevant applications are considered.


  • Employers are guaranteed to find qualified candidates, thanks to the platform's mentorship programs and skills improvement resources for candidates. While these services focus on the candidate, it helps employers by improving the quality of applicants.
  • The site has an elimination process when considering candidates for positions, sending only the best candidates to the hiring manager.
  • All candidates are screened several times by financial experts to ensure that they are qualified and well-suited.
  • The hiring and screening process is managed by a hiring manager, freeing up time for employers and recruiters.
  • The site receives an average of 360,000 monthly visits.
  • Jobs are advertised on The Talent Oasis's social media accounts and in their monthly newsletter.
  • The Talent Oasis' offers access to an extensive database of 550,000 candidates.


  • There are no free posting packages available and jobs are only featured on the site's home page for 24 hours.
  • The site's culling process might eliminate a candidate that would otherwise have been chosen.
  • The Talent Oasis is a recruitment platform that doesn't work the same as a regular job board.
  • The site claims to offer competitive rates compared to other search firms, but it's only job promotion package is more costly than competitors' plans.


There are a limited number of reviews available online. Some users are concerned or skeptical about the advice that The Talent Oasis provides to candidates, specifically in the form of guides that candidates purchase. Many people still struggle to find the positions they want, despite buying and reading the guides.

That said, there were others who felt that the resources offered do not guarantee success in the industry. Rather, it takes effort from candidates to use the knowledge provided and network with relevant parties to stand a better chance at being hired.





$797.00 /post. (Promotional package).

Dedicated hiring services.

Access to the Wall Street Oasis (WSO) Company Database and the WSO Industry Reports

Account manager.

Wide audience.

✔ (Over 550,000 candidates.)

Job promotion.

The Talent Oasis vs. FinancialJobsWeb.com:

The primary difference between these portals is that The Talent Oasis provides more resources and is a hub for finance-oriented individuals to engage in forums, while FinancialJobsWeb.com is a dedicated job board that offers a host of job posting plans and features a resume database. FinancialJobsWeb.com is the more affordable option.

The Talent Oasis Comparison:


The Talent Oasis


Starting price

$797.00 /post

$225.00 /post

Mentorship for candidates


Applicant screening


Account manager


The Talent Oasis vs. AFP Online Job Center:

The AFP Online Job Center is similar to The Talent Oasis as it also provides training, membership benefits, mentoring, and a job board. The Talent Oasis only shows vacancies to those with a profile on the site, while the AFP allows anyone to see listings and respond to them. This makes the AFP more accessible to visitors.

The Talent Oasis vs. AFP Comparison:


The Talent Oasis

AFP Online Job Center

Starting price

$797.00 /post.

$350.00 /mo. (for members)

Mentorship for candidates

Applicant screening


Account manager


The Talent Oasis vs. BrokerHunter:

BrokerHunter is a job board that lets employers to post vacancies, while The Talent Oasis works as a recruitment service where an account manager oversees the hiring process. In comparison, BrokerHunter is the affordable choice, costing $502.00 less than The Talent Oasis' plan. Unlike BrokerHunter, The Talent Oasis's plan has social media sharing.

The Talent Oasis vs. BrokerHunter Comparison:


The Talent Oasis


Starting price

$797.00 /post.

$295.00 /post.

Mentorship for candidates


Applicant screening


Account manager


Key Information

Legal Name

Wall Street Oasis


Patrick Curtis

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2006


Bay Area, CA




1 (773) 451-9479




What is The Talent Oasis?

The Talent Oasis is the Wall Street Oasis's recruitment platform where employers can advertise vacancies.

How much does it cost to post a job on The Talent Oasis?

It costs $797.00 to promote a job vacancy on The Talent Oasis.

What is Wall Street Oasis?

The Wall Street Oasis is a website that provides resources, offers a forum, and hosts a job board for the finance and investment banking industry.

What is the Wall Street Oasis forum?

The Wall Street Oasis hosts a forum for people interested in finance and investment banking to ask questions and network with like-minded individuals.

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