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The Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) gives members access to accredited planning courses, policy and research, community events, and career resources. Its job board caters to a niche pool of professionals and advertises a wide range of vacancies throughout the U.K.'s planning, regeneration, and conservation sectors.

While The Planner Jobs offers multiple job posting plans and bespoke packages to suit different hiring needs, it is costly compared to some of its competitors, such as Town Planning Jobs. However, the platform is a valuable resource for companies in search of skilled town planners, architects, surveyors, urban designers, and more.


  • The Planner Jobs gives employers a targeted approach to hiring local planning professionals.
  • There are several job posting plans to choose from, offering companies great flexibility.
  • Listings are sent to subscribed job seekers via targeted email alerts.
  • The platform receives around 80,000 unique monthly visits, indicating its popularity.
  • The Premium plan highlights job posts in the search results and shares them on the home page for increased visibility.
  • Vacancies can be added to the RTPI's magazine and online newsletter for maximum exposure.
  • The Branded package includes a featured employer button on the home page to aid brand awareness.
  • Employers can browse through the job board's CV database for suitable candidates.
  • There is a centralized user dashboard from which employers can manage listings and applicants.
  • Companies can create bespoke job posting plans with additional hiring tools, such as social media promotion.


  • The Planner Jobs does not offer a free job posting plan.
  • Vacancies aren't automatically shared on the platform's social media pages.
  • Compared to some niche competitors, The Planner Jobs is costly.
  • Listings aren't distributed to other job boards.


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Standard Job Listing

£1,205.00 +VAT

Targeted Job Listing

£1,584.00 +VAT

Premium Job Package

£1,892.00 +VAT

Branded Job Listing

£2,024.00 +VAT

The Planner Jobs vs. Town Planning Jobs:

Similar to The Planner Jobs, Town Planning Jobs advertises planning roles throughout the local job market. Town Planning Jobs is the more affordable option, charging £395.00 +VAT per post, compared to the latter's £1,205.00 +VAT per post. Both sites offer employer branding, but only Town Planning Jobs has recruitment videos.

The Planner Jobs vs. Planning Jobs:

While both platforms serve a similar job market, Planning Jobs is the more feature-rich option, offering branded content articles and advanced employer branding campaigns. However, The Planner Jobs has a wider reach and is more affordable, charging £1,205.00 +VAT per post. By contrast, Planning Jobs charges £1,495.00 +VAT per post.

The Planner Jobs vs. Reed.co.uk:

Reed.co.uk is a popular job board that advertises a wide range of general roles. In comparison, The Planner Jobs primarily caters to planning talent, giving employers a more targeted approach to hiring. Reed.co.uk is both the more affordable and feature-rich option of the two, with new customer specials and candidate matching tools.

Key Information

Legal Name

Redactive Publishing Ltd.


71-75 Shelton St., London WC2H 9JQ




020 7880 6232




What does it cost to post a job on The Planner Jobs?

The Planner Jobs' pricing starts at £1,205.00 +VAT for a standard listing.

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