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Standard Package

£243.75 +VAT /post.

£375.00 +VAT /post.

Premium Package

£308.75 +VAT /post.

£475.00 +VAT /post.

Target Email Package

£975.00 +VAT.

£1,500.00 +VAT.

*RIBA Jobs offers bulk posting options where employers can post multiple standard listings at a discounted price.


RIBA Jobs is a significant player in Britain's architectural space. It attracts the top professionals in the industry and its job board is a useful hub for finding high-quality talent. Job posts get plenty of targeted exposure; however, there are plenty of affordable alternatives that give job posts more visibility.


  • A wide range of price points appeal to both small and large architecture firms.
  • Job posts include company branding and customizable profile pages.
  • Job posts are sent to targeted candidates via email alerts.
  • Premium job posts get distributed across the company's social media channels, with a combined following of 17,600.
  • There is a wide range of specialist job seekers who use the site who might not be found on general job boards.
  • Job posts can get more exposure with banner displays.
  • Multiple jobs can be posted at a discounted rate.
  • Businesses have access to useful resources, such as salary guides and tips for crafting a compelling job post.
  • The company can be reached via telephone and email.


  • There are no free job posting options.
  • There is no searchable candidate resume database.
  • There are no candidate management or applicant tracking tools to streamline the hiring process for large companies.
  • There are currently only 254 jobs on the job board, compared to nearly 700 on general job boards like Reed.co.uk.
  • Rival job boards, such as Dezeen Jobs and AJ Jobs, are more affordable alternatives.


RIBA Jobs is an old and respected institution of British architecture that is used and trusted by the country's top architectural firms, making it an organization of great repute. However, we were unable to find any online reviews of the job board.

RIBA Jobs vs. Dezeen Jobs:

At £150.00 per post, Dezeen Jobs is an affordable alternative to RIBA Jobs' starting fee of £375.00 +VAT per post. Dezeen Jobs lets employers recruit internationally, while RIBA Jobs is a U.K.-only hiring platform. Both are excellent options for finding architectural talent, but Dezeen Jobs is more attractive to smaller firms with tighter budgets.

RIBA Jobs vs. AJ Jobs:

Like RIBA Jobs, AJ Jobs is an architecture job board that also includes a resume database. Of the two, AJ Jobs is the more affordable option, charging £300.00 +VAT per post compared to From £375.00 +VAT per post on RIBA Jobs. That being said, RIBA Jobs also distributes jobs on social media channels.

RIBA Jobs vs. Reed.co.uk:

Reed.co.uk is a popular general job board in the U.K. with affordable posting prices from £150.00 +VAT and new customer discounts. RIBA Jobs is a more targeted platform but has a higher starting price of £375.00 +VAT per post. Reed.co.uk also offers employers the option of purchasing access to the CV database for direct hiring.

Key Information

Legal Name

RIBA 1834 Ltd.

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1834


76 Portland Place, London W1B 1NT

Number of Employees





(0)20 7496 8324




What does it cost to post a job on RIBA?

RIBA's pricing ranges from £375.00 +VAT to £1,500.00 +VAT per post for nonmembers, and £243.75 +VAT to £975.00 +VAT per post for members. There are bulk posting options with discounted prices for a standard package post.

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