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Fleet Speak does not disclose its pricing on its website. Interested individuals should contact the company for a quote.


Fleet Speak is a well-established online platform created for truckers and fleet managers in the transport sector of the U.K. The platform's comprehensive job board helps employers to post a range of vacancies, from heavy-duty truck driver jobs to lighter vehicle internships.


  • A dedicated trucking job board that serves the entire U.K.
  • Employers have access to a plethora of registered heavy-duty and light vehicle truck drivers.
  • Employers can post full-time, part-time, contract, internships, or freelance jobs.
  • The website's magazine features helpful resources and articles for employers.
  • The registration and job posting process is quick and easy.


  • The job board's posting costs are not listed on the website.
  • No applicant management, candidate matching, or social media promotion services are available.
  • Jobs aren't shared to other job posting sites or platforms.


Although we were unable to find any reviews of Fleet Speak, the platform boasts 6,467 followers on Facebook.

How to Post a Job on Fleet Speak:

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10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Fleet Speak:

Two easy steps to post a job on Fleet Speak.


Posting a Job on Fleet Speak.


Click "Add Listing."

Click "Add Listing."

You'll find this button by hovering over the "Jobs" section on the banner of the home page.


Enter your job posting details.

Enter your job posting details.

Add information such as the job title, job description, and company details. When you're satisfied, click "Preview."

A representative will be in touch to review your account and job post.

Fleet Speak vs. TruckingJobs.co.uk:

Both Fleet Speak and TruckingJobs.co.uk cater to the trucking job markets of the U.K. TruckingJobs.co.uk, however, features social media promotion services that Fleet Speak lacks. While TruckingJobs.co.uk is a free job posting service, you need to contact Fleet Speak for their pricing information.

Fleet Speak vs. Indeed:

Indeed is a popular job board that allows employers to post jobs in all industries. Fleet Speak, however, is more specialized and only posts trucking jobs. Indeed features recruitment services that Fleet Speak lacks, such as applicant management and mobile recruiting.

Fleet Speak vs. Driver Hire:

Both Fleet Speak and Driver Hire are trucking job boards, but Driver Hire also features jobs from the logistics and construction industry. Driver Hire offers employers recruitment solutions such as candidate matching, resume searches, and employee background checks that Fleet Speak does not offer.

Key Information


What is Fleet Speak?

Fleet Speak is an online trucking platform and job board that helps employers find experienced employees in the trucking sector of the U.K.

What does it cost to post a job on Fleet Speak?

Fleet Speak's pricing is not listed on its website. You can contact the company for a quote.

How do I create an account on Fleet Speak?

Navigate to the home page, hover over "Jobs" and click "Add Listing." Fill in the online form to create an account and post a job.

Where can I post trucking jobs in the U.K.?

What are some alternatives to Fleet Speak?

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