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TruckingJobs.co.uk is a haulage news and employment portal for the U.K. and Ireland. The site does not have an online self-posting option and job ads must be submitted by email. While it's free for trucking companies, media and recruitment agencies are charged a small fee.

The site lacks advanced hiring tools, such as featured job posting options, applicant tracking tools, and a searchable CV database. The site may be very simple but offers a cost-effective way of reaching a niche audience.


  • The platform attracts a defined audience of trucking professionals with industry-specific news articles and job listings.
  • Trucking companies can post driver jobs for free.
  • Employers can include one image with their job ads.
  • Job postings are shared on the job board's social media pages.
  • Bulk discounts and Facebook banner campaigns are available to recruitment and media agencies.


  • There is no online self-posting feature.
  • The site lacks advanced hiring tools, such as job post enhancements and applicant tracking tools.


TruckingJobs.co.uk received several positive reviews online and has a 4.9 out of 5 star rating on Google. Users recommended the platform for finding jobs and praised its customer service.


The website is free for hauliers to advertise their HGV driver jobs. Recruitment and media agencies are charged £10.00 for a 30-day job post. Bulk discounts and banner campaigns are available. For more information, contact TruckingJobs.co.uk by email.

How to Post a Job on TruckingJobs.co.uk:

Send your job ad, including a brief job description, application details, and an image of your company fleet, or the link to your company's career page to TruckingJobs.co.uk by email. TruckingJobs.co.uk will create and post your job ad on their website and social media channels.

TruckingJobs.co.uk vs. Fleet Speak:

TruckingJobs.co.uk and Fleet Speak both target the U.K. trucking market and feature industry news and job ads. While both allow free job postings and promote listings on social media, only Fleet Speak offers job post enhancements for increased visibility. Neither site features applicant tracking tools or a searchable CV database.

TruckingJobs.co.uk vs. UK Haulier:

While TruckingJobs.co.uk and UK Haulier are both dedicated employment and news portals for the haulage industry in the U.K., UK Haulier attracts far more website traffic than TruckingJobs.co.uk. However, unlike the latter, UK Haulier does not offer free job postings. Both sites promote job ads on social media.

TruckingJobs.co.uk vs. Reed.co.uk:

While Reed.co.uk attracts far more website traffic than TruckingJobs.co.uk, it does not offer the benefit of a highly defined target audience, which TruckingJobs.co.uk does. Unlike TruckingJobs.co.uk, Reed.co.uk does not have a free job posting option. However, Reed.co.uk offers a wider range of hiring tools, including CV searches.

Key Information

Legal Name

TruckingJobs.co.uk Ltd

Founding Date

Feb 28, 2017


6 Cherry Tree Walk, Amotherby, Malton YO17 6TR




What is TruckingJobs.co.uk?

TruckingJobs.co.uk is a haulage news and employment website for trucking professionals in the U.K. and Ireland.

What does it cost to post a job on TruckingJobs.co.uk?

TruckingJobs.co.uk is completely free for trucking companies. Recruitment and media agencies are charged £10.00 for a 30-day job posting.

What are some alternatives to TruckingJobs.co.uk?

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