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Field Engineer

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Field Engineer is a freelance marketplace that allows employers from across the globe to post vacancies in a specialized field, ultimately streamlining the freelance recruitment process to ensure effective service delivery. With Field Engineer, Employers are free to manage and track jobs using the informative mobile app and personalized dashboard.

However, Field Engineer does not function as a traditional job board, which could be an issue for employers who want a more localized hiring focus and access to conventional job posting features.


  • For employers, it's free to open an account and post job vacancies.
  • Field Engineer is completely remote-based, making it easy for employers to connect with international applicants.
  • The platform streamlines the job search by finding and vetting professional engineers.
  • Field Engineer offers a mobile app that's available on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Employers can use their personalized dashboards to track jobs and communicate with engineers.
  • Payment for each project is deducted and safeguarded by Field Engineer before the project is completed.
  • The platform offers a targeted approach to hiring candidates in the engineering field.
  • Field Engineer is capable of integrating with third-party applications, including Oracle, Salesforce, and Microsoft.
  • Employers can search and sort engineers who apply for jobs by location, rating, experience, and costs.
  • Field Engineer allows employers to use job ad templates to automate the process.


  • Employers based outside of the U.S. who fund their account with a credit card are charged an additional 2.75% of the project.
  • The site is not seen as a job board and therefore lacks certain features, such as job distribution and social media sharing.
  • Jobs are only advertised to engineers registered on the site, which could limit the candidate pool.
  • The platform does not allow access to a traditional resume database.
  • Employers have to load funds onto their accounts before they can post a vacancy.
  • There is no dedicated website or customer support team for U.K. users.


While there are a limited number of reviews of Field Engineer available online, we did find four reviews on Trustpilot that averaged 4.0 out of 5 stars. All of the reviews praised the platform and labeled it as the best source for hiring freelancers thanks to its excellent customer service and reasonable costs.

The platform received similar compliments on G2, where we found three reviews that averaged 5 out of 5 stars. Here, customers simply commended the company for its remote hiring capabilities.


For employers, it's free to post projects on the website. Only engineers who are hired to work on projects are charged a 10% service fee. However, non-U.S.-based employers who fund their accounts with credit cards are charged an additional 2.75% of the project.

How to Post a Job on Field Engineer:

£0.00 GBP
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Field Engineer:

Three easy steps for posting a job on Field Engineer.


Posting a job on Field Engineer.


Sign-up for a business account.

Sign-up for a business account.

Go to Field Engineer's home page and click on "Hire an Engineer" in the top-right corner beneath the heading "SIGNUP." Next, complete the sign-up form with the required details and click on "Signup to start hiring."

You will then be asked to verify your email by entering a verification code sent to your email address. Once you've entered the verification code, click on "Submit."

Finally, confirm your business location by entering the state and address. Then, click on "Confirm."


Create your first job posting.

Create your first job posting.

Beneath the heading "Post your first job," click on "Get Started." Next, click on "Create New Job" or you can opt to use a job ad template.

Beneath the "BASIC" section, enter the details of your job, including the title, job type, and location."

Scroll down to the "ROUTING" section and select a Routing Method from the drop-down menu.

Add the rate for the job below the "PAYMENT DETAILS" section.

Scroll down to the "INSTRUCTIONS" section and enter your job description, task details, contact information, and more.

Finally, add any additional information in the designated field.


Post your job ad.

Post your job ad.

Once you've completed all the required fields, click on "Post to Marketplace" at the bottom-left of the page. A "Payment Summary" window will appear in the bottom right corner of the page. Here, click on "Confirm."

On the final page, enter your card details and click on "Continue." Once payment has been processed, your job ad will go live.

Field Engineer vs. Technojobs:

Technojobs and Field Engineer are both niche job boards that provide great exposure. While Field Engineer is a globally-recognized platform that does not charge for job posts, Technojobs' prices start at £290.00 +VAT per post, making it the costlier option. However, for local reach, Technojobs stands out as the best option.

Field Engineer vs. Totaljobs:

With Totaljobs, employers can advertise jobs in various industries, including telecommunications, but pricing starts at £89.00 +VAT per post for first-time customers. Thereafter, the price increases to £169.00 +VAT per post. Field Engineer, on the other hand, is free for employers and includes international exposure, benefitting remote businesses.

Field Engineer vs. JobisJob:

Both Field Engineer and JobisJob offer great international exposure, but that's where their similarities end. With JobisJob, prices start at £50.00 for two job posts, making it a competitively-priced option. However, Field Engineer has a more targeted hiring approach, and employers can post project vacancies for free.

Key Information

Legal Name

Field Engineer, Inc.


Malik Zakaria

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2015


77 Water St., Ste. 7000, New York, New York 10005 USA




00 1 (212) 858-0640




What is Field Engineer?

Field Engineer is an online hiring platform that connects employers with engineers across the globe. With Field Engineer, employers can simply post a project for free and registered engineers will then have the opportunity to apply for the project.

Is the Field Engineer mobile app legit?

Yes. Field Engineer offers a legitimate mobile app to help employers track and manage projects while on the go. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

How much does it cost to post a job on Field Engineer?

Field Engineer does not charge employers to create an account or post a job on the website. Instead, engineers who are hired for jobs are charged a 10% service fee. However, if an employer is based outside of the U.S. and funds their account with a credit card, there is an additional fee of 2.75%.

Is Field Engineer and Site Engineer the same company?

No, Site Engineer is a completely separate website that is not affiliated with Field Engineer.

What are some Field Engineer alternatives?

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