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The BSAVA job board does not make pricing readily available online.


The BSAVA job board helps veterinary practices specializing in small animals connect with job seekers across the U.K. The website offers a variety of resources, including webinars, events, educational courses, and mentorship programs for newly qualified veterinarians. Both recent graduates and qualified veterinarians can connect with employers on the site.


  • Members can sign up as mentors for newly qualified veterinarians.
  • Employers can add their branding to job posts.
  • Veterinary practices throughout the U.K. can advertise on the site.
  • The site offers employers access to thousands of job seekers from across the world.
  • The research board allows employers to view the work and publications of potential employees.


  • Only members can advertise vacancies on the job site.
  • The site does not have a feature that allows users to post to the online job board directly. Users have to submit the details of the vacancy they want to post to BSAVA administrators for them to upload it to the job board.
  • The job board is not easily accessible on the website.
  • The BSAVA job board does not offer a resume database.


We were unable to find any online reviews of the BSAVA job board.

How to Post a Job on the BSAVA Job Board:

Only BSAVA members can post vacancies on the job site. Members wishing to post a vacancy can send an email with the job description, a jpg of the practice's logo, and a closing date for applications to the administrators. It is not clear how long it will take to process the ad.

BSAVA Job Board vs. BEVA Jobs Board:

BEVA Jobs Board is a job board for U.K. professionals who specialize in equine animal health. In contrast, the BSAVA job board is a global job board operating from the U.K. Neither job site offers an online job posting feature and employers need to send the job information to the administrators. Unlike BEVA Jobs Board, the BSAVA job board only allows its members to post jobs.

BSAVA Job Board vs. Veterinary Jobs Marketplace:

Both the BSAVA job board and Veterinary Jobs Marketplace are British job sites with an international reach. Job postings on Veterinary Jobs Marketplace start from £160.00, while the BSAVA job board does not disclose its pricing online. The BSAVA job board does not offer an online job posting service, while Veterinary Jobs Marketplace does.

BSAVA Job Board vs. NAVC Retriever:

NAVC Retriever allows job posts for student employees, while the BSAVA job board allows recently qualified veterinarians to register as mentees at member's practices. NAVC Retriever links candidates on its job site to specific vacancies and invites them to apply, which is a service the BSAVA job board lacks.

Key Information

Legal Name

British Small Animal Veterinary Association

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1957


Woodrow House, 1 Telford Way, Waterwells Business Park, Quedgeley Gloucester GL2 2AB




01452 726700




How much does it cost to advertise on the BSAVA job board?

The BSAVA job board does not make pricing information] for job postings available on its website. Interested employers should contact the company via email for more information.

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