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The NCSRC is a well-respected nonprofit organization that aims to support respiratory care practitioners in North Carolina. The organization is a chartered affiliate of the American Association of Respiratory Care and provides the latest news, information, and industry links.

While the NCSRC job board is a good resource for finding and hiring qualified respiratory therapists, the platform is not very well used and is missing key hiring tools including applicant tracking, candidate matching, and job distribution to other job boards.


  • The NCSRC job board is a niche job posting platform specifically for respiratory therapists.
  • Bulk posting discounts are available.
  • New job posts are also shared on social media.
  • Extended 90-day job postings are available.
  • The platform is more affordable than many of its competitors.


  • Job posts are not syndicated to other job boards.
  • The platform is missing candidate matching and applicant tracking tools.
  • At the time of writing only two jobs were listed on the job board.


While we were unable to find reviews of the NCSRC job board, the organization itself has a 5 out of 5 rating on Facebook based on the opinions of five people.

How to Post a Job on the NCSRC Job Board:

Employers interested in postings vacancies to the NSCRC job board should contact Lawson Millner or Lucille Goddard at 1 (336) 757-2247 or send an email to ncsrc@ncsrc.org.

NCSRC job board vs. AARC Career Center:

Like the NCSRC job board, AARC Career Center is a dedicated respiratory therapy job board hosted by the American Association of Respiratory Care. Where the NCSRC charges upwards of $100.00 per post, AARC is far more costly charging upwards of $419.00 per post. Of the two, only AARC offers spotlight tags, post distribution, and resume access.

NCSRC Job Board vs. iHire Therapy:

Where the NCSRC job board is aimed at respiratory care professionals, iHireTherapy lists all therapy-related vacancies. Of the two, NCSRC is the more affordable option charging $100.00 for a 30-day post while iHireTherapy charges upwards of $349.00 per month. However, only iHireTherapy offers branded posts, resume access, and job board distribution.

NCSRC Job Board vs. TherapistJobBoard.com:

Unlike the NCSRC job board, TherapistJobBoard.com lists all types of therapy jobs including respiratory, occupational, and speech therapy jobs. Where NCSRC charges $100.00 for a 30-day post, TherapistJobBoard.com charges upwards of $199.00 per post. Of the two, only TherapistJobBoard.com offers featured posts, resume access, and applicant tracking.

Key Information

Legal Name

North Carolina Society for Respiratory Care (NCSRC)

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1968


Carolina Beach, NC 28428

Number of Employees





1 (336) 757-2247



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