Letters of Appreciation to Employees

Recognizing your employees' efforts with a letter could go a long way.

Letters Of Appreciation To Employees

May 13th, 2019

A letter of appreciation to one of your employees expresses your gratitude for their contribution to your business. Letters of appreciation can express specific recognition and thanks for tasks or projects that are executed well, or a general sense of appreciation for the employee's overall efforts.

It's easy to underestimate the importance of sending an appreciation message to one of your employees. What difference will it make? Do they even care? The truth is that 9 times out of 10, an appreciation letter will boost an employee's confidence in their role and their motivation to do a good job. A letter is a very deliberate way to signal to someone that they are valued and the work that they do is truly making a difference.

Employee Appreciation Letter Template:

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Tips for Writing an Employee Appreciation Letter:

1. Be specific.

Whether you are writing a thank you note to your employee for something they did recently, or a letter of appreciation for their hard work, be specific about what they have done that has impressed you. Include examples of how their professionalism or work ethic has been demonstrated.

2. Address the employee by name.

The last thing that you want is for your employee appreciation/thank you notes to sound like a boilerplate memo that was sent out to the whole office. Addressing your employee by name throughout the letter adds a personal touch.

3. Look to the future.

Just as you should emphasize the employee's achievements, you should also express your excitement for what they will accomplish in the future.

4. Sign the letter by hand.

It's okay to type a letter up and print it off, but always affix a real signature. Again, this is a personal touch and shows your employee that they aren't receiving a generic thank you note that was written by your secretary.

5. Use the right stationery.

If you have high-quality paper with your company's logo on it, or fancy thank-you cards that can be placed in envelopes, use them. Once again, these small details back up your message and show that thought has gone into your appreciation note.

Tips For Writing Employee Appreciation Letters
Tips for Writing and Employee Appreciation Letter:
  • Be specific.
  • Address the employee by name.
  • Look to the future.
  • Sign the letter by hand.
  • Use the right stationery.

Final Thoughts:

Everyone likes to be appreciated, and writing an appreciation letter to an employee for outstanding performance is one of the most effective ways to express how you feel about their work. Use our appreciation letter templates to help you get started, or write your own letter highlighting the achievements and positive qualities of one of your employees.