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Krop is a popular job board and portfolio hosting site that connects creative professionals with employers. For job seekers, Krop offers a space to build an online portfolio and showcase their work.

For employers, Krop provides instant access to candidate portfolios and a platform to advertise their jobs. You'll also have a dedicated account manager assigned to your post, who ultimately takes on the responsibility of finding talented creatives.


  • Krop is a great source to hire freelancers and remote workers.
  • Provides instant access to candidate portfolios.
  • Companies like Apple, Verizon, HBO, ESPN, and Netflix use Krop to advertise jobs.
  • Compared to competitors like Jobspresso, Krop has the widest reach and is the more affordable option.
  • Advertises a wide range of creative jobs, including copywriters, photographers, graphic designers, and social media managers, among others.


  • The majority of the work advertised on Krop is located in the United States.
  • Krop charges an additional $299.00 to have full access to candidate profiles.
  • Because Krop's robust features generally cater to job seekers, employers are left with the bare minimum features.


There are no user reviews of Krop available online.

How to Post a Job on Krop:

$199.00 USD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Krop:

4 easy steps for posting a job on Krop.


Posting a job on Krop.


Go to Krop.

Go to Krop.

Start by navigating to the Krop home page.


Click on "Employers."

Click on "Employers."

You'll find this button in the top right corner of the home page. You'll be directed to a page featuring job posting plans.


Choose a plan and pay for your job post.

Choose a plan and pay for your job post.

Select a posting plan and click on "Add to cart." Verify your purchase and scroll down to "Checkout." Registered users can sign in to directly process their payments, while new users first need to complete the online form. Click on "Complete your order" to pay.


Post your job.

Post your job.

Once your payment has been processed, you'll be guided through entering your job details, previewing your listing, and posting your job ad to the website.

Krop vs. Behance:

Behance mainly focuses on advertising visual artists' jobs, whereas Krop offers space for a range of creative jobs, including copywriting, graphic designing, and photography. Behance attracts far more website traffic than Krop, indicating far greater reach and popularity.

Krop vs. Dribbble:

The main difference between Dribbble and Krop is their price points, with Dribbble's prices starting at $299.00 per post. This makes Dribbble costlier than Krop, which charges $199.00 for a standard post. Krop's reach and variety of job types make it a more popular choice. While Dribbble focuses on visual artists, Krop caters to artists in various industries.

Krop vs. Jobspresso:

Both Krop and Jobspresso are great locations to find creatives and freelancers. However, unlike Jobspresso, Krop is strictly a creative job board and portfolio hosting website, making it the best source to reach creatives. Additionally, Jobspresso is $50.00 more expensive than Krop, with prices only starting at $249.00 per posting.

Key Information

Legal Name



Jason Kristofer

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2000


22287 Mulholland Hwy, Calabasas, CA, 91302




1 (323) 405-7431




How much does Krop cost?

Krop's plans range between $135.00 and $199.00, depending on the plan you choose.

Where is Krop located?

Krop headquarters is based in Los Angeles, CA.

How can I edit a Krop job posting?

You can edit your Krop job postings by contacting your account manager.

How can I delete a Krop job posting?

To remove one of your postings, contact your account manager and request to have the posting deleted.

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