From $219.00 per post /mo.

Free offer


Post duration

Up to 90 days.


Resume database access

Company profile

Customer support

Phone and email.


JobsInNewYork is a hiring portal that offers a dedicated job board, detailed job ad reporting, and resume database access. As an added benefit, all job ads are distributed to over 100 job posting sites, improving visibility across the state of New York and beyond.

The platform also boasts impressive post-duration times and comprehensive bulk packages to aid both small and large-scale hiring needs.


  • Employers can create a company profile to boost credibility and brand awareness.
  • JobsInNewYork's employer dashboard includes access to applicant tracking tools.
  • The hiring portal gives employers access to a database of resumes.
  • Job ads are distributed to over 100 industry-specific job posting sites.
  • Employers can choose between a wide selection of job posting plans.
  • The platform allows employers to search for potential applicants by keywords and location.
  • While focused on New York, the website allows employers to advertise from across the country.
  • JobsInNewYork offers detailed reports that help employers better manage job ad performance.


  • Compared to top competitors, such as New York Jobs, JobsInNewYork is more costly.
  • There are no free job posting packages available.
  • JobsInNewYork lacks comprehensive social media promotion options in its plans.


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Monthly Pricing

1 Job Slot


5 Job Slots


10 Job Slots


25 Job Slots


30-Day Quickpost



Contact for quote.

JobsInNewYork also offers 90-day and annual plans as well as feature enhancements. Check out the pricing page for more pricing information.

How to Post a Job on JobsInNewYork:

$219.00 USD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on JobsInNewYork:

Five easy steps for posting a job on JobsInNewYork.


Posting a job on JobsInNewYork.


Go to JobsInNewYork's home page.

Go to JobsInNewYork's home page.

On the home page, click on "REGISTER NOW" beneath the heading "Post Jobs."


Create a business account.

Create a business account.

Complete part one of the registration form by providing your personal details. Then, click on "NEXT."

Next, complete part two of the registration form and click on "SUBMIT."


Create your job posting.

Create your job posting.

Once you've successfully logged in to the employer dashboard, click on "PURCHASE QUICKPOST." Alternatively, you can click on "PURCHASE PACKAGES" to browse through the posting options. For this example, we chose to click on the Quickpost option.

Enter your company information, including location and contact details. Then, click on "NEXT."

Add your job's description, benefits, and requirements. Then, click on "NEXT."

Enter your job's details. Then, click on "NEXT."

Decide if you'd like to add a job enhancement to your plan. Either click on "ADD TO JOB" or click on "NEXT" to proceed.

Add the application method you'd like to use and click on "NEXT."


Pay for the job ad.

Pay for the job ad.

Enter your billing and credit card information in the designated fields. Then, click on "NEXT."


Preview and publish the job ad.

Preview and publish the job ad.

On the following page, read through your job ad and confirm that everything is in order. Once you're ready to proceed, you can publish your job ad.

JobsInNewYork vs. City & State New York Jobs:

While JobsInNewYork and City & State New York Jobs share similar features, such as resume database access and bulk job postings, the former platform is significantly costlier, with prices starting at $219.00 per post. With City & State New York Jobs, prices start at $90.00 per post, but unlike JobsInNewYork, the platform lacks applicant tracking.

JobsInNewYork vs. New York Jobs:

Despite both platforms offering shared features, including job ad distribution and resume database access, New York Jobs stands out as the affordable option, thanks to its $95.00 starting price for one post. In contrast, JobsInNewYork's pricing starts at $219.00 per post, but it's more feature-rich, boasting applicant tracking and company profiles.

JobsInNewYork vs. New York Times Jobs:

New York Times Jobs immediately stands out for its popularity, providing employers with credibility and excellent statewide exposure. However, New York Times Jobs is significantly costlier, with prices starting at $399.00 per post. JobsInNewYork, on the other hand, offers more advanced hiring features and prices start at $219.00 per post.

Key Information

Legal Name

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1999



1 (877) 374-1088



What is JobsInNewYork?

As a member of the network, JobsInNewYork provides New York-based employers with a specialized platform for posting local job openings. The job board offers job post statistics, job ad distribution, and corporate profiles.

How much does it cost to post a job on JobsInNewYork?

JobsInNewYork's pricing ranges between $219.00 and $1,165.00, for 30-day postings, depending on the package you choose.

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