How to Post Jobs on Every Major Job Advertising Website

Job Ads On All The Boards

It's hard to advertise jobs online these days, isn't it?

Job boards are an awesome way to get your ad out there, but they've gotten so popular that our ads get lost in the crowd.

But wait. In my years working as a recruiter, I found there were a few techniques I could use to make my job ads stand out and get noticed.

While these techniques aren't at all popular, it turns out anyone can use them to easily make their make their ads get the attention of top applicants on any job board.

I'm going to show you my techniques, step-by-step, as well as provide tips for particular job boards, instructions for posting to the most popular job boards, and useful information on cost for each of them.

You’ll also find job posting templates for each all the major job boards in each section below, information each board to help you know where to post a job, how to post job listings on each of board, and easy instructions for creating an effective job posting.

What does an effective job posting do?

An effective job posting grabs the potential applicant’s attention, draws them in, and gets them excited to work at your company.

There are so many definitions out there, you might wonder: what is a job posting? I consider it to be a pretty broad term that describes anything that notifies people that there is a job opening. 

So, what is a job ad? A job ad is basically a job posting that treats your potential applicant like a customer. It puts forward the information that will be most attractive to the candidate.

How to Post a Job Opening

Here’s a quick and easy, step-by-step guide to getting your job opening posted.

  • Use a job requisition form to get the job approved.

  • Review the internal job description to be sure that it accurately defines success in the position you’re hiring for.

  • Figure out which job boards will be optimal for bringing you the best candidates for the position.

  • Write the job posting. We recommend using our job ad template, which you can find here.

Craigslist Job Posting
Chapter 1

Simple Craigslist Job Posting Tips that Deliver Real Candidates

Posting job ads to Craigslist can be tough. It can be hard to get noticed by the right applicants, even while you get a flood of the wrong ones. Learn about writing a job posting that attracts great candidates, and screens the others. We've got a great job posting description to help make Craigslist work for you, with lots of examples.

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Posting Jobs On Indeed
Chapter 2

Indeed Job Posting: How To Drastically Increase Candidates

This is the big board! Do you have what it takes to stand out? Learn how to post a job opening to Indeed that gets seen. We have job posting format samples to help you with writing a job posting to this board. We'll also show you how to post free ads for jobs on Indeed.

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Monster Advertising Tips
Chapter 3

Monster Job Posting Guidelines For Ads That Attract Winners

Ready to post with the hiring beast? Monster is one of the world's busiest boards, but we've got the goods to show you how to write a job posting that gets noticed by the best applicants. You'll also see exactly how to post a job, with step-by-step instructions on creating a job posting with Monster.

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Linked In Job Advertising
Chapter 4

How Your LinkedIn Job Posting Can Lure in Amazing Applicants

Want to hook the best talent on LinkedIn? We've got just the bait you'll need. Learn how to create a job posting that's most attractive to the big fish. Posting job openings here can bring in big results, if done right. Have a look at our job postings template and LinkedIn examples to make it easy for you.

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Career Builder
Chapter 5

Careerbuilder Job Posting Tips That Get People Hired

Planning to post job listings on CareerBuilder? I've got specific tips that will make your job way more eye-catching and interesting than the competition's, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to make a job posting with CareerBuilder.

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Betterteam03 0206
Chapter 6

How Posting Jobs On Facebook Can Tap Into More Candidates

Facebook is sort of a new frontier for posting jobs. It's got a lot of potential, but it's not like posting to a typical job board. Learn one simple way for creating a job posting here, and how to write a job posting for Facebook that great applicants will see.

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Glassdoor Job Posting
Chapter 7

Glassdoor Job Posting - How To Get Solid Candidates Each Time

Want top applicants to beat a path to your door? We've got tips and job posting format examples to help you post a job on Glassdoor that attracts top talent. Post job listings that really work, and learn how to make a job posting that gets 10x the typical results.

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How To Write A Job Ad
Chapter 8

How To Write Job Ads That Work [Examples and 3 Templates]

Hiring? Need a job ad applicants can't ignore? We'll use our job ad example to show you you how to create a better job ad. We'll teach you how to write a job posting that really works, with job posting templates and examples. Learn how to post a job that really gets results.

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