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While the CSCA is a membership-based organization, it does allow both members and nonmembers to post listings on its job board. However, members get the better deal as it's free for them to submit jobs, whereas nonmembers are charged a fee per post.

The site is rather basic in terms of features, allowing the inclusion of company logos in ads but lacking other hiring tools, such as featured ads, candidate matching, and applicant tracking. The primary benefit of the site is its niche audience, but its limited features may deter employers in search of a comprehensive hiring solution.


  • The job posting service is free for CSCA members.
  • The job posting process is simple.
  • Employers can receive applications via email or their website.
  • The platform reaches a highly defined audience of strength and conditioning professionals.
  • The platform features a "FIND A COACH" tool that employers can use to browse candidates in CSCA's membership database.
  • Employers can include their company logo in job listings.
  • All job ads undergo an approval process to maintain the quality and credibility of the site.


  • There is no free job posting option for nonmembers.
  • The site does not offer featured listings, candidate matching, or applicant tracking tools.


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CSCA Jobs vs. Fitt Jobs:

Like CSCA Jobs, Fitt Jobs has free and paid job posting options. However, while the former's free plan is limited to members and nonmember pricing is set at C$25.00 per post, Fitt Jobs' basic plan is free to all and its paid plans start at US$150.00 per post. Unlike CSCA Jobs, Fitt Jobs has a Featured listing plan as well as a Premium option.

CSCA Jobs vs. ExerciseJobs:

ExerciseJobs is a niche site for fitness, kinesiology, and exercise professionals, whereas CSCA Jobs targets strength and conditioning coaches. ExerciseJobs has a starting price of US$75.00 per post, whereas CSCA Jobs is free for members and charges nonmembers C$25.00 per post. Of the two, only ExerciseJobs offers featured ads.

CSCA Jobs vs. has a starting price of US$29.00 per month, which is slightly costlier than CSCA Jobs' C$25.00 per post for nonmembers. CSCA Jobs also offers a free job posting service to its members. While both platforms help employers connect with fitness coaches, boasts a better feature profile that includes social media promotion.

Key Information

Legal Name

Canadian Strength and Conditioning Association


7310 Woodbine Ave., Unit 4, Markham, ON L3R 1A4




What does it cost to post a job on CSCA Jobs?

CSCA Jobs offers a free job posting service for members. Nonmembers are charged C$25.00 per post.

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