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The Chartered Professionals in Human Resources of British Columbia and Yukon, also known as CPHR BC & Yukon, is a membership association that provides accreditation, professional development, networking opportunities, and advocacy for HR in Western Canada. They also offer a job board for businesses looking to hire HR staff in BC and Yukon.


  • Targeted job posts to HR professionals in BC and Yukon.
  • A 6,500+ member network will see your jobs.
  • A simple job posting process.
  • Only accredited CPHR members can view your job posts.
  • Technical support for job posting issues.
  • Online credit card payment options.
  • Tailor job posts by region and job type.
  • Affiliated to the CPHR/CRHA Canada.


  • 30-day expiry for all job posts.
  • Site is not available in French.
  • Pricing is higher than other job boards.
  • Only targets BC and Yukon HR professionals.


We were unable to find any reviews of CPHR British Columbia & Yukon at this time.

How to Post a Job on CPHR BC & Yukon:

325.00 CAD
5 Minutes
How to Post a Job on CPHR BC & Yukon:

Six easy steps to posting a job on CPHR British Columbia & Yukon.


Posting a job on CPHR BC & Yukon.


Go to the CPHR BC & Yukon job board.

Go to the CPHR BC & Yukon job board.

Navigate to the CPHR BC & Yukon website, click on "Resources," and select "Job Board" from the drop-down menu.


Click on "Post a Job."

Click on "Post a Job."

Scroll down to the middle of the page and select "Post a Job."


Create an account.

Create an account.

Select the "Create Account" button just below "Reset Password" and complete the online form. When you're done, click on "REGISTER NOW."

You will then be redirected back to the login page where you will enter your email address and password.


Create your job post.

Create your job post.

Click on "Post a Job" on the dashboard menu and complete the online job posting form with details about your vacancy, including the job title, type, location, and description. When you're done, click on "Proceed to Payment."


Confirm your purchase.

Confirm your purchase.

Make sure that you are being charged the correct amount for your job posting. You'll also be able to see when your job post will run on the CPHR BC & Yukon job board.

Read over the terms and conditions and select the checkbox.

A "Confirm" button will appear; click on it to move to the next step.


Fill in the "Checkout Form."

Fill in the "Checkout Form."

This is the final step. Fill in the billing form and insert your credit card details. Once you are happy, select "Checkout" to have your payment processed and your job posted to CPHR BC & Yukon.

CPHR BC & Yukon vs. WorkBC:

WorkBC has a free job posting board, however, it uses a job coding system that's difficult to figure out. With CPHR BC & Yukon, employers have to pay for job postings but the process is simple. CPHR BC & Yukon is a targeted job board for finding HR professionals, so if you are only looking to fill an HR position, it is the better option.

CPHR BC & Yukon vs. Indeed:

While Indeed covers a wider geographical area and lets a larger amount of potential applicants view jobs, CPHR BC & Yukon is a niche job posting site that offers a targeted approach to hiring staff. Indeed offers a range of pricing options for posting, while CPHR BC & Yukon only offers two paid packages, starting at C$325.00.

CPHR BC & Yukon vs. BCjobs.ca:

BCjobs.ca is a niche job board for British Columbia and advertises a wide range of job opportunities. With CPHR BC & Yukon, only members can view job postings, whilst BCjobs.ca is a more general job board for the BC area. If you are only looking for HR professionals, then CPHR BC & Yukon may be a better option for you.

Key Information

Legal Name

Chartered Professionals in Human Resources of British Columbia & Yukon

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1942


1101-1111 West Hastings St., Vancouver, BC V6E 2J3








What is CPHR BC & Yukon?

CPHR BC & Yukon is a membership and accreditation association for human resources (HR) in the British Columbia and Yukon provinces of Canada. It has over 6,500 members and belongs to the national CPHR association of Canada.

What does it cost to post a job on CPHR BC & Yukon?

CPHR BC & Yukon's pricing ranges from C$325.00 to C$525.00.

How do I create an account on CPHR BC & Yukon?

Simply follow our steps for posting a job on CPHR BC & Yukon to see how you can create an account.

How do I delete a job post on CPHR BC & Yukon?

Simply log in to your account and go to "My Billings Logs" to delete your job post on CPHR BC & Yukon. If you run into any problems, contact their technical support team or CPHR BC & Yukon directly.

What are some alternatives to CPHR BC & Yukon?

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