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There is no information provided on the cost of posting a job on CERC's job board. Interested employers can contact CERC for more information on its job posting fees.


The Community Employment Resource Centre (CERC) is a nonprofit organization aimed at empowering job seekers in the Ottawa region. They provide training as well as prepare new employees for employment.

Furthermore, CERC offers workshops and recruitment events where employers can meet potential employees, while they also provide a platform where job seekers and employers can connect.


  • CERC makes hiring diverse candidates easy to do.
  • Candidates are prescreened and are individually recommended for specific vacancies.
  • The site hosts job and hiring fairs for employers to meet potential candidates.
  • Employers save money on training new employees as CERC offers training and job preparation to new hires.
  • The site links employers and potential employees through the Job Creation Partnerships work experience.
  • CERC provides job grants to employers for staff training.
  • The website is available in English and French.
  • The organization gathers and distributes labor market trends and employment-related information to employers via email.


  • No pricing information is available.
  • Job postings need to be approved by CERC staff members before publishing them.
  • No information is available on how long job posts take to appear on the job board.


CERC received a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating on Facebook based on the opinion of more than 15 people. These reviewers rated the organization highly based on its service delivery.

How to Post a Job on CERC:

0.00 CAD
15 Minutes
How to Post a Job on CERC:

Four easy steps for posting a job on CERC.


Posting a job on CERC.


Go to the home page.

Go to the home page.

Hover over "EMPLOYERS" in the home page's main menu. From the drop-down menu that appears, click on "POST A JOB."


Register as an employer.

Register as an employer.

Click "Register" or sign in if you already have an account.


Complete the form.

Complete the form.

Fill in the registration form. Then, select "Register" at the bottom of the page.


Complete the job description.

Complete the job description.

On the "Post a Job" page, fill in the job posting form. The job posting will be verified by a CERC representative before it is published.

CERC vs. Ottawa Citizen:

The Ottawa Citizen posts job ads in its print and online editions, and on working.com, while CERC does not post jobs externally but hosts career fairs. CERC is a nonprofit that assists members of the Ottawa community with finding employment. CERC receives funding from the government, while Ottawa Citizen is privately owned.

CERC vs. AFP Ottawa:

Both CERC and AFP Ottawa are nonprofits. AFP Ottawa allows employers in the fundraising industry to advertise job offerings on their site. CERC prescreens and recommends candidates for specific jobs, a service AFP Ottawa does not offer. Both organizations promote race and gender equality in the workplace.

CERC vs. Eluta.ca:

Both Eluta.ca and CERC cater to job seekers across industry sectors. However, unlike CERC, Eluta.ca does not offer much in terms of additional resources for job seekers and employers. While CERC's website is also available in French, it reaches a far smaller audience than Eluta.ca, catering only to job seekers in Ottawa.

Key Information

Legal Name

Community Employment Resource Centre for Kanata and West-Ottawa


415 Hazeldean Rd., Kanata, ON K2L 4C6








How do employers benefit from the Canada Ontario Job Grant paid to CERC?

The Canada Ontario Job Grant is part of the Canada-Ontario Job Fund Agreement and is a source of funding for employer-driven training initiatives aimed to help Ontarians acquire new skills that would improve their employability. CERC receives part of this grant to help employers train their staff.

What does it cost to post a job on CERC?

The website does not provide pricing information. To find out more about the job posting fees, contact the organization.

How do you create an account on CERC?

  1. Go to the home page.
  2. Click on the "EMPLOYERS" button.
  3. On the next page, scroll down slightly and click on "Post A Job."
  4. Click on "Register" under the heading "NOT REGISTERED?"
  5. Complete the registration form and click on "Register."

How do you delete a job posting from the CERC job board?

To get more information on deleting a vacancy from the CERC job board, send an email to a CERC Ottawa agent.

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