CAP Job Board


From C$65.00 +tax /post.

Free offer


Post duration

Up to 6 months.

Employer branding


French translation

Social media sharing

Customer support

Phone and email.


The CAP job board is a dedicated job posting service that boasts a range of standard features, including social media sharing and targeted job email alerts. While the platform lacks multiple advanced hiring tools, such as applicant tracking and resume database access, the job board does well to connect employers with a niche job market.


  • Employers can post English, French, or bilingual job advertisements.
  • All job ads can be shared by the employer or job seeker on Facebook, LinkedIn, and X (formerly Twitter).
  • The job board offers an industry-specific hiring approach for employers looking to hire qualified physicists.
  • The CAP job board provides extended job posting times of up to six months.
  • For an added fee, job email alerts are sent to individuals listed in the Directory of Women Physicists.
  • The CAP website is available in French.


  • With the standard job posting plan, employers looking for longer visibility must pay an additional fee.
  • There are no free job posting plans available.
  • Job advertisements must include a link to the full job description.
  • The platform is missing multiple advanced hiring tools, including resume database access and applicant tracking.


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French and English Pricing:


Pricing for First Month

Undergraduate / Graduate Openings

C$65.00 +tax

PDF / RA / Early Career

C$90.00 +tax

All Other Job Ads

C$150.00 +tax*

Commercial (Product Ads)

C$805.00 +tax

Add-On: Email Promotion

C$35.00 +tax /post.

*The cost is discounted from the second month onwards.

Bilingual Ads Pricing:


Pricing for First Month

Undergraduate / Graduate Openings

C$90.00 +tax

PDF / RA / Early Career

C$130.00 +tax

All Other Job Ads

C$210.00 +tax*

Commercial (Product Ads)

C$805.00 +tax

*The cost is discounted from the second month onwards.

CAP Job Board vs. CASCA Job Board:

While both platforms have limited features, the CASCA job board is the budget-conscious choice, thanks to its free job posting service. In comparison, the CAP job board's plans start at C$65.00 +tax for a graduate post and C$150.00 +tax for a standard post. That said, both the CASCA job board and the CAP job board offer French translation options.

CAP Job Board vs. Physics World Jobs:

Despite offering six free job postings per year, Physics World Jobs is pricier for employers posting standard vacancies, as its paid plans start at US$599.00 per post. With the CAP job board, a standard job posting costs C$150.00 +tax. However, while Physics World Jobs does offer extended posting times, it's missing French translation.

CAP Job Board vs. myScience Job Portal:

Of the two competitors, the CAP job board lacks multiple advanced features offered by the myScience job portal, including employer branding. The myScience job portal is notably more costly than the CAP job board, as its entry-level plan starts at C$596.00 +VAT per post. In contrast, the CAP job board's prices begin at C$65.00 +tax per post.

Key Information

Legal Name

Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP)

Founding Date

Jul 01, 1945


180 S. Plaunt St., Unit #3, Renfrew, ON K7V 1M8






How much does it cost to post a job ad on the CAP job board?

The CAP job board's prices start at C$65.00 per post.

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