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The PetriDish, a specialized job board facilitated by BioTalent Canada, is one of Canada's leading recruitment platforms for employers in the biotechnology field. Alongside its targeted job board, the platform also offers a range of resources and programs for talent development, training, and workforce optimization.

Despite the job board offering noteworthy features, such as applicant tracking and social media sharing, The PetriDish falls short in comparison to competitors due to the absence of more advanced features, including resume database access and job ad distribution.


  • The PetriDish offers a bilingual job board for both English and French employers.
  • All job ads are shared on The PetriDish's social media platforms.
  • To streamline response times, employers are alerted whenever a new application is submitted.
  • Job ads can include a company logo to improve credibility.
  • The platform offers a 25% discount for employers in biotech industry associations.
  • The PetriDish adopts a targeted hiring approach, allowing employers to reach qualified professionals faster.
  • Employers gain access to standard applicant tracking and management tools.
  • Free job postings are available for selected employers.


  • The platform only offers one plan that may limit employers in need of bulk job postings.
  • The PetriDish is missing several advanced features, such as resume database access and candidate matching.
  • To qualify for the free plan, employers must be members of one of nine selected organizations.


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It costs C$200.00 +tax to post a single job posting on The PetriDish.

The PetriDish vs. LSBC Job Board:

Of the two competitors, the LSBC Job Board stands out for its costly plans, which start at C$275.00 per member post and C$500.00 per nonmember post. The PetriDish, on the other hand, charges C$200.00 +tax per post. However, LSBC members' job posts can be distributed on The PetriDish at a discounted rate, making it the best value for money.

The PetriDish vs. ScienceCareers:

ScienceCareers and The PetriDish differ in pricing and reach, with the latter adopting a focused hiring approach for employers in biotechnology. With ScienceCareers, employers can advertise vacancies in various scientific fields, but its prices start at US$630.00 per post. In contrast, The PetriDish's only plan costs C$200.00 +tax per post.

The PetriDish vs. BioSpace Job Board:

While The PetriDish offers a more targeted hiring approach for local employers, the BioSpace job board widens its reach, attracting employers across the U.S. and Canada. That said, The PetriDish is more affordable at C$200.00 +tax per post. The BioSpace job board's prices start at US$415.00 per post, making it the costlier alternative.

Key Information

Legal Name

BioTalent Canada

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1997


730 - 360 Albert St., Ottawa, ON K1R 7X7








How much does it cost to post a job ad on The PetriDish?

It costs C$200.00 +tax to post a job opening on The PetriDish.

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