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Since JobDiagnosis.com is a search engine and not a traditional job posting site, there is no fee for using the website.


JobDiagnosis.com is a job aggregator that does not allow for direct job postings. While the site features a country-specific page for Australia, it is not well-known in Australia and attracts very little local traffic.

While job seekers can search for millions of jobs from across the world, Australian employers looking to recruit locally may have a hard time reaching the right audience. With a limited feature profile and little to offer employers, Australian businesses that are hiring are better off using local, feature-rich platforms like SEEK or CareerOne.


  • JobDiagnosis.com is simple and easy to use.
  • It is free to use for employers and job seekers.
  • The website features a country-specific page for Australia.
  • The platform offers search filters to find job opportunities in 15 countries, including Australia.
  • JobDiagnosis.com aggregates millions of jobs from other job boards and career websites.


  • Employers cannot post jobs on the website directly.
  • There is no resume uploading for job seekers.
  • Search results may display outdated job posts.
  • JobDiagnosis.com only offers email and snail mail options for customer service.
  • Local sites like SEEK or CareerOne are better options for Australian employers recruiting within the country as they offer more features for employers and attract far more local website traffic.


We were unable to find online reviews of JobDiagnosis.com.

How to Post a Job on JobDiagnosis.com:

As JobDiagnosis.com is a job aggregator, you cannot post jobs on the site.

JobDiagnosis.com vs. SEEK:

SEEK is one of the most popular employment sites in Australia. The site offers a variable pricing model, a resume database, and useful features, such as applicant tracking, email scheduling, and statistics. If you're looking for a comprehensive hiring solution, then SEEK is the better choice.

JobDiagnosis.com vs. Workforce Australia:

Workforce Australia is a job portal provided by the Australian government. Like JobDiagnosis.com, it is free to use but offers better resources for employers, including a direct job posting option, information about incentives for businesses when they hire new staff, as well as general advice and tips. Workforce Australia also attracts far more local traffic.

JobDiagnosis.com vs. Jora:

JobDiagnosis.com and Jora are similar in that they are both international job aggregators. However, while JobDiagnosis.com does not have any features for employers and does not allow for direct job postings, Jora allows for free and sponsored postings to the site. Of the two, Jora is the more popular option in Australia.

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VHMnetwork LLC


Michael Derikrava

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2007


700 Canal St., Ste. 1, Stamford, CT 06902


0011 1 (646) 723-4353




What is JobDiagnosis.com?

JobDiagnosis.com is an international job search engine that can be used to locate new job opportunities around the world.

Can I post jobs on JobDiagnosis.com?

No. You cannot post jobs to JobDiagnosis.com because it is a search engine that aggregates results from other websites.

What does it cost to use JobDiagnosis.com?

JobDiagnosis.com does not charge any fees for their services but may decide to charge you a fee at their discretion, after a 30-day notice period.

What does the map feature on JobDiagnosis.com do?

You can use the map to view available jobs in a particular city or region.

What types of jobs are listed on JobDiagnosis.com?

JobDiagnosis.com gathers information on a very wide variety of jobs. You can narrow the results down by selecting one of the job categories on JobDiagnosis.com's home page.

What are some JobDiagnosis.com alternatives?

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