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From US$150.00 /post.

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30 days.

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With a highly defined audience of health and fitness professionals, Fitt Jobs presents a valuable resource for targeted hiring. While the platform offers a free plan, it is rather feature-bare compared to its costly Premium plan, which includes prominent placement, inclusion in the Fitt Insider newsletter, and social media promotion.

While U.K. employers may find the platform useful to reach a niche market, the site seems to have the most traction in the U.S. given the number of U.S.-based roles listed on the site. It also lacks some other hiring tools that are becoming more commonplace, such as access to its talent database and candidate management tools.


  • There is a free job posting option.
  • The site offers Featured and Premium plans that provide more visibility as jobs are pinned to the top of the page.
  • With the Premium plan, job ads are included in the Fitt Insider newsletter and shared on social media.
  • Job seekers can search the site's company directory to look for jobs by employer.
  • Fitt offers a recruiting service for employers looking for a comprehensive managed hiring solution.


  • The site's talent network is not accessible to employers — only to Fitt's recruitment team.
  • There is no applicant tracking system.
  • Job ads are not distributed to other career sites.
  • Pricing is only available in U.S. dollars.


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Fitt Jobs vs. Leisurejobs:

While Fitt Jobs is a fitness job site, Leisurejobs caters to a broader audience across the hospitality, retail, and recreation sectors. Of the two sites, only Fitt Jobs offers a free plan, but Leisurejobs stands out with CV database access. While Leisurejobs' prices start at £150.00 +VAT per post, Fitt Jobs' paid plans start at US$150.00 per post.

Fitt Jobs vs. SportsTech Jobs:

Unlike SportsTech Jobs, Fitt Jobs offers a free job posting plan. However, Fitt Jobs' paid plans are costlier than SportsTech jobs' packages, which start at US$59.00 per post. Neither platform features an applicant tracking system, but both promote job ads on social media for added reach. SportsTech Jobs stands out with job distribution.

Fitt Jobs vs. SportsWork:

SportsWork charges £175.00 +VAT per post, which makes it costlier than both Fitt Jobs's free and featured plans. Both platforms mention social media promotion, but Fitt Jobs stands out with plans that offer prominent placement, which SportsWork lacks.

Key Information

Legal Name

Fitt Insider, Inc.


Anthony Vennare

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2019


3706 Butler St., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15201 USA




What does it cost to post a job on Fitt Jobs?

Fitt Jobs has a free posting plan as well as paid options starting at US$150.00 per post.

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