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FashionJobs.com claims to attract an average of 1.1 million unique monthly website visitors and to have around 900,000 subscribers across the globe, giving employers access to a large international talent pool. The site also offers a range of job posting plans, including free internship posts and upgrades to feature ads and extended display times.

Other useful recruitment services include CV searches and a selection of HR advertising options that companies can use to promote their employer brand. While the site's job posting plans include email blasts and the inclusion in FashionNetwork.com newsletters, the platform does not offer social media promotion or an applicant tracking system.


  • It is free to post internship roles.
  • Bulk job ad packages are available at a discounted price.
  • Job ad packs are valid for 12 months.
  • A company logo and video presentation of the company can be included in job ads.
  • Employers get access to their archive of applications and ROI statistics for three months.
  • Job offers can be posted as "Confidential."
  • The site features a searchable CV database.
  • Job offers are included in FashionNetwork.com newsletters and emailed to candidates with matching profiles.
  • There are optional add-ons to feature listings, mark them as urgent, and extend their display time.
  • There are HR advertising options, including banner ads, that can be used to aid employer branding.


  • The free job posting plan is limited to internship roles.
  • The site does not mention an applicant tracking system, job distribution, or social media promotion.


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*See the FashionJobs.com rate card for pricing information for larger job packs, other upgrades, HR advertising options, and CV database access.

FashionJobs.com vs. Fashion Workie:

While Fashion Workie offers free basic job listings, FashionJobs.com's free plan is limited to internship posts only. FashionJobs.com's paid plans start at €60.00 per post, whereas Fashion Workie has paid upgrades starting at £10.00 to feature a listing. However, FashionJobs.com boasts better features, including a searchable CV database.

FashionJobs.com vs. BoF Careers:

With a starting price of £650.00 +VAT for a single job posting, BoF Careers is costlier than FashionJobs.com, which offers free internship posts and plaid plans starting at €60.00 per post. Both provide the option to feature ads and email them to candidates, as well as employer branding tools, but only FashionJobs.com offers CV searches.

FashionJobs.com vs. Drapers Jobs:

Drapers Jobs and FashionJobs.com both offer CV searches and branding packages. However, neither mentions an applicant tracking system, social media promotion, or job distribution. With a starting price of £625.00 +VAT per post, Drapers Jobs is costlier compared to FashionJobs.com's free internship posting plan and starting price of €60.00 per post.

Key Information

Legal Name

Fashion Jobs


Jean-Philippe Boudy

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2001


126 rue Réaumur, 75002 Paris, France

Number of Employees





020 3445 5118




What does it cost to post a job on FashionJobs.com?

FashionJobs.com offers free internship postings and paid plans starting from €60.00 per post.

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