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Fashion Workie is a niche job portal for employers and job seekers in the beauty and fashion markets in the U.K. While the site offers a free plan, a longer-than-average job post duration, and several useful job post upgrades, it falls short on additional hiring tools, such as an applicant tracking system and a searchable CV database.


  • Listings are shared with subscribed users by email.
  • Job ads remain on the site for up to 42 days.
  • Employers can add application requirements and questions to their job ads.
  • A logo and additional images can be included in job posts.
  • The job posting process is quick and easy.
  • Ads can be featured on the home page for seven days.
  • There is an option to mark ads as "URGENT" until they expire.
  • Listings can be featured at the top of the results for each category they're listed in for three, seven, or 14 days.


  • The site does not feature a searchable CV database or an applicant tracking system.
  • The platform does not have an international reach.
  • The external advertising on the website can be intrusive.


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Add-On: Homepage Stage


Add-On: Featured Listing

From £8.00 /3 days.*

*The price for featured listings varies by duration and listing type. Go to Fashion Workie's website for detailed pricing information.

Fashion Workie vs.

Fashion Workie and both offer a free job posting plan, but the latter is limited to internship listings.'s paid plans are also costlier, starting at €60.00 for a freelance job ad, compared to Fashion Workie's starting price of £8.00 for a featured listing upgrade. However, only offers CV searches.

Fashion Workie vs. BoF Careers:

With a starting price of £650.00 +VAT per post, BoF Careers is costlier than Fashion Workie, which offers free basic listings and optional upgrades starting at £8.00. Unlike Fashion Workie, BoF Careers has an international reach. However, it offers a shorter job post duration of 30 days, compared to Fashion Workie's job post duration of 42 days.

Fashion Workie vs. Drapers Jobs:

While Fashion Workie and Drapers Jobs both target the U.K. fashion sector, Fashion Workie stands out as the more cost-effective option. Fashion Workie offers 42-day job ads for free, whereas Drapers Jobs' pricing starts at £625.00 +VAT per 28-day post. However, of the two platforms, only Drapers Jobs features a searchable CV database.

Key Information

Legal Name

Fashion Workie

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2009



What does it cost to post a job on Fashion Workie?

It is free to post jobs on Fashion Workie. The site also offers optional upgrades starting at £8.00 per add-on.

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