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BSSS Job Board

Member pricing


Nonmember pricing

£75.00 +VAT /post.

Post duration


Employer branding

Social media promotion


CV database access


Customer support

Phone and email.


The BSSS job board is a specialized job posting service offered by the British Society of Soil Science. While the platform lacks significant features, including social media sharing, applicant tracking, and candidate matching, its niche audience and standard employer branding options allow employers to connect with their desired candidates faster.


  • BSSS members can post unlimited vacancies for free.
  • The platform offers a targeted hiring approach to help recruit candidates with expertise in soil science.
  • Despite being a members-only organization, the job board is accessible to nonmembers.
  • Employers can include a company logo to improve the job ad's credibility.
  • The BSSS provides access to the latest news and events, awards, and grants.
  • Compared to competitors, including the ICF job board, the BSSS job board is more affordable.


  • The platform does not offer bulk job postings or featured listings.
  • The BSSS job board is missing an applicant tracking system and a CV database.
  • There are no free job posting options for nonmembers.
  • Customer support is only available via email.
  • The BSSS job board lacks social media promotion and job ad distribution.


We were unable to find online reviews of the BSSS job board.







£75.00 + VAT /post.

BSSS Job Board vs. Environmentjob.co.uk:

Between the two competitors, Environmentjob.co.uk stands out for its expansive reach, with the platform boasting 94,000 subscribers. Despite its solid reach, Environmentjob.co.uk is the more costly option, as its prices start at £149.00 +VAT per post. In comparison, the BSSS job board is free for members and £75.00 + VAT per post for nonmembers.

BSSS Job Board vs. ICF Job Board:

While both platforms offer standard employer branding, only the ICF job board provides social media sharing and e-newsletter advertising. However, the ICF job board is the costlier of the two competitors, with its prices starting at £300.00 +VAT per post. Comparatively, the BSSS job board costs £75.00 + VAT per post for nonmembers.

BSSS Job Board vs. GreenJobs:

Despite both platforms offering access to a niche audience and employer branding, GreenJobs provides impressive features, which include social media sharing and job ad distribution — features missing from the BSSS job board. Additionally, while GreenJobs' pricing is not available, the BSSS job board costs £75.00 + VAT per post for nonmembers.

Key Information

Legal Name

The British Society of Soil Science (BSSS)

Founding Date

Dec 13, 1946




01234 752983




How much does it cost to post vacancies on the BSSS job board?

It's free for BSSS members to post vacancies on the job board. For nonmembers, it costs £75.00 + VAT per post.

What are some alternatives to the BSSS job board?

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