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BLUE-JOBS is a dedicated employment portal for the blue sectors in Europe, listing roles for marine scientists and biologists, oceanographers, environmentalists, and related professionals. With its free job posting service, the platform is a budget-friendly recruiting tool, but it lacks other hiring tools, such as featured ads and CV searches.


  • It is free to post jobs on BLUE-JOBS.
  • The platform reaches a niche audience of professionals in the blue sectors.
  • The job posting process is simple.
  • Job ads are included in the platform's newsletter to subscribed job seekers.
  • Employers can include their company logo in job ads.


  • There are no featured listing options that offer increased reach and visibility.
  • The platform does not provide CV searches, applicant tracking tools, or company profile pages.


We were unable to find any online reviews of BLUE-JOBS.


It is free to post jobs on BLUE-JOBS.


While's job posting prices start at £149.00 +VAT per post, it is free to post jobs on BLUE-JOBS. The latter also reaches a more niche audience within the environmental sector, only listing roles in the marine sciences and blue industries. Unlike BLUE-JOBS, however, shares job ads on social media.

BLUE-JOBS vs. GreenJobs:

Aside from catering to a broader audience across the conservation, renewable energy, and environmental industries, GreenJobs also offers more hiring features than BLUE-JOBS, including job distribution, featured ads, and candidate matching. However, it does not make pricing readily available online, whereas BLUE-JOBS provides a free service.

BLUE-JOBS vs. Nature Careers:

With a starting price of £695.00 +VAT per post, Nature Careers. is costly compared to BLUE-JOBS' free service. However, only Nature Careers features employer profiles and enhanced job posting options to help attract more applications. BLUE-JOBS, on the other hand, targets a more defined audience of professionals in the marine environment sector.

Key Information

Legal Name



Celia Murcia Lorenzo

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2022


Paseo de la Barra, 15, 30370 Cartagena, Spain




What does it cost to post a job on BLUE-JOBS?

It is free to post a job on BLUE-JOBS.

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