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The Oregonian Jobs


From $400.00 /post.

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Post duration

30 days.

Applicant tracking

Resume database access


Social media sharing

Customer support

Phone, email, and online chat.


The Oregonian Jobs is a targeted job board that caters to employers and job seekers in Oregon. The Oregonian, a local newspaper, hosts the job board, which boasts a range of impressive features, including applicant tracking and job ad distribution.

With the help of The Oregonian Jobs' dashboard, employers can easily access and manage jobs, as well as streamline recruitment with the innovative MaxRecruit and candidate screening features.


  • The platform includes access to an applicant tracking system and ATS integration.
  • Candidates are automatically labeled as Great Match, Good Match, or Possible Match, depending on your job ad.
  • Employers can stay updated with the job ad's progress with the help of job ad analytics.
  • The platform is mobile-optimized to improve accessibility.
  • Job ads are distributed to a host of top job posting sites, including ZipRecruiter and Glassdoor.
  • The Oregonian Jobs promotes vacancies on its Twitter and LinkedIn pages.
  • All plans include access to MaxRecruit, an innovative platform that monitors job performance.


  • The platform makes no mention of a resume database.
  • Social media sharing is limited to Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Compared to local competitors, such as PortlandJobFinder.com, The Oregonian Jobs is costlier.
  • There are no free job posting plans available.


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$400.00 /post.


$450.00 /post.


$575.00 /post.

Add-On: College

$70.00 /post.

Add-On: Facebook Basic Campaign

$95.00 /post.

Add-On: CareerBuilder Basic Job Posting

$115.00 /post.

How to Post a Job on The Oregonian Jobs:

$400.00 USD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on The Oregonian Jobs:

Five easy steps for posting a job on The Oregonian Jobs.


Posting a job on The Oregonian Jobs.


Go to The Oregonian Jobs' hiring portal.

Go to The Oregonian Jobs' hiring portal.

On the home page, scroll down to the bottom-page menu and click on "Post a Job" beneath the "More on OregonLive.com" heading. You will then be directed to the hiring portal.


Select a job posting package.

Select a job posting package.

Scroll down to the job posting packages and read through each plan's features. When you've chosen the ideal package for your business's needs, click on "Purchase now" beneath your desired plan.

A pop-up window will appear requesting your email address. Enter your email address in the designated slot and click on "Continue."


Create your job ad.

Create your job ad.

Enter your job's details, including job type, category, and description, in the required fields. Then, click on "Continue" in the bottom-right corner.


Confirm your job details.

Confirm your job details.

On the following page, read through your job advertisement to confirm that all your details are correct. Then, review your chosen package on the right of the screen to confirm that everything is in order. When done, click on "Continue" to proceed.


Pay for your job ad.

Pay for your job ad.

Finally, enter your billing and credit card details in the designated fields. Then, click on "Post Job" to process the payment.

Your job ad will go live once payment has been successfully processed.

The Oregonian Jobs vs. PortlandJobFinder.com:

While PortlandJobFinder.com targets employers in Portland, Oregon, The Oregonian Jobs platform reaches employers across the state, providing excellent visibility. However, while PortlandJobFinder.com charges employers $79.00 for a 45-day posting, The Oregonian Jobs' pricing only starts at $400.00 per post, but the platform includes ATS integration.

The Oregonian Jobs vs. PDX Pipeline Job Board:

PDX Pipeline's job board is far more cost-effective than The Oregonian Jobs, with the former's prices starting at $99.00 per post. Despite its affordable prices, PDX Pipeline is less feature-rich than its competitor, which boasts an ATS and candidate matching tools. However, The Oregonian Jobs is quite costly, with plans starting at $400.00 per post.

The Oregonian Jobs vs. Mac's List:

Mac's List and The Oregonian Jobs are vastly different in pricing despite sharing similar features, such as job ad analytics and social media sharing. With The Oregonian Jobs, prices start at $400.00 per post, while Mac's List's prices range between $48.00 and $180.00 per post, depending on the type of position being advertised.

Key Information

Legal Name

Advance Local Media LLC.


Thomas J. Dryer

Founding Date

Dec 04, 1850


1500 SW. First Ave., Ste. 500, Portland, Oregon 97201




1 (503) 221-800




What is The Oregonian Jobs?

The Oregonian Jobs is a local job board hosted by The Oregonian, an online and traditional newspaper serving the state of Oregon. The job board is managed by employers and boasts a range of features, including candidate sorting and job ad reporting.

How much does it cost to post a job on The Oregonian Jobs?

The Oregonian Jobs' pricing ranges between $400.00 and $575.00 per post, depending on the package you choose.

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