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Sustainable Food Jobs targets a very specific niche within the food and farming sectors. While the platform is rather simple and lacks advanced hiring tools and features, it is completely free and attracts a considerable number of monthly website visitors for a job site with such a narrow focus, making it an attractive option for targeted hiring.


  • The job posting service is completely free.
  • The site attracts an average of around 10,000 monthly website visitors.
  • Employers can use the site to reach a highly defined audience of professionals in search of sustainable food jobs.
  • Job listings are promoted via email and social media.
  • The website features additional resources related to sustainable food and farming.


  • There is no online self-posting feature and job ads must be submitted by email.
  • The site does not offer featured postings, a resume database, an employer dashboard, or candidate management tools.


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It is free to post a job on Sustainable Food Jobs.

How to Post a Job on Sustainable Food Jobs:

To post a job on Sustainable Food Jobs, send your job listing to Sustainable Food Jobs by email.

Sustainable Food Jobs vs. Good Food Jobs:

Good Food Jobs attracts greater volumes of website traffic than Sustainable Food Jobs but also targets a broader audience than the latter. Sustainable Food Jobs offers a more targeted approach to hiring and is more affordable than Good Food Jobs. It does not offer a self-posting application or an employer dashboard.

Sustainable Food Jobs vs.

While is focused specifically on employment opportunities in the agricultural sector, Sustainable Food Jobs targets professionals with an interest in sustainability across the food and farming industries. is the costlier option but has an international reach and more features, including a searchable resume database.

Sustainable Food Jobs vs. Farm and Ranch Jobs:

Sustainable Food Jobs and Farm and Ranch Jobs both offer free job postings and promote listings on social media. Unlike Sustainable Food Jobs, Farm and Ranch Jobs offers featured listings for increased visibility as well as an employer dashboard. However, Sustainable Food Jobs may be the better option for targeted hiring.

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Sustainable Food Jobs

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Jan 01, 2009




What is Sustainable Food Jobs?

Sustainable Food Jobs is a niche job portal with a focus on employment opportunities in the sustainable food and farming sectors.

What does it cost to post a job on Sustainable Food Jobs?

It is free to post a job on Sustainable Food Jobs.

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