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May 13th, 2019

PublicSeek is a background check software platform. With PublicSeek, users can search public records by name to learn more about an applicant's past. PublicSeek can help to identify potential red flags like criminal records and outstanding legal actions.

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Publicseek Summary
PublicSeek Review:

Pros: Detailed reports for residents of any State.

Cons: Subscription is required and the search tools do not meet most compliance requirements.

Bottomline: PublicSeek is a good tool for gathering information, but it cannot legally be used for employment decisions or credit checks.


Is there a PublicSeek free trial?

No. However, you can try a PublicSeek one-day trial for just $1.00.

Where is the PublicSeek login page?

You can log into your PublicSeek account by going to

Is PublicSeek the same as SeekVerify?

PublicSeek used to be known as SeekVerify, but the company changed their name when they rebranded.

Are there any PublicSeek alternatives?

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