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May 30th, 2019

Pro Bono is an Australian website that supports nonprofit and volunteer organizations. The website includes a job posting section that lists job opportunities in the nonprofit sector.

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How to Post a Job on Pro Bono:

  1. Click "Jobs > Post a Job."
  2. Log into your Pro Bono account.
  3. Click "Create a new post."
  4. Enter all the job information (job description, title, location, etc.).
  5. Preview your posting.
  6. Click the "Post" button.

Key Information:


Karen Mahlab




Melbourne, Australia


Karen Mahlab

Phone Number

61 (03) 8080-5650


Suite 306, Level 3, 235 Queen St, Melbourne 3000



How can I edit a Pro Bono job posting?

You can edit your Pro Bono job postings by logging into your account and clicking "My Jobs." You can open a posting to make changes and then save the changes before you navigate to another page.

How can I delete a Pro Bono job posting?

To delete a posting, select it from your list of active postings and click the "delete" button.

How do I create a Pro Bono account?

To create an account where you can manage Pro Bono job postings, go to and click Jobs > Post a Job > Login > Sign Up.

What is Pro Bono Australia?

Pro Bono is an Australian-based social business that provides news, jobs, education, skilled volunteering jobs and other resources.

What is pro bono work?

Pro Bono is a when a professional provides specific services to those that are unable to afford them. The job is undertaken voluntarily and without payment.

How many people use Pro Bono?

Pro Bono claims to have over 90,000 users a month.