Pro Bono

Pro Bono

October 14th, 2020

Pro Bono is an Australian website that supports nonprofit and volunteer organizations. The website includes a job posting section that lists job opportunities in the nonprofit sector.

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How to Post a Job on Pro Bono:

  1. Click "Jobs > Post a Job."
  2. Log into your Pro Bono account.
  3. Click "Create a new post."
  4. Enter all the job information (job description, title, location, etc.).
  5. Preview your posting.
  6. Click the "Post" button.

Key Information:


Karen Mahlab




Melbourne, Australia


Karen Mahlab

Phone Number

61 (03) 8080-5650


Suite 306, Level 3, 235 Queen St, Melbourne 3000



What is Pro Bono Australia?

Pro Bono is an Australian-based social business that provides news, jobs, education, skilled volunteering jobs, and other resources.

Learn more about Pro Bono Australia.

What is pro bono work?

Pro Bono is when a professional provides specific services to those that are unable to afford them. The job is undertaken voluntarily and without payment.

See our guide to Pro Bono.

How can I edit a Pro Bono job posting?

You can edit your Pro Bono job postings by logging into your account and clicking "My Jobs." You can open a posting to make changes and then save the changes before you navigate to another page.

Read our guide to Pro Bono.

How can I delete a Pro Bono job posting?

To delete a posting, select it from your list of active postings and click the "delete" button.

For more information, see our guide to Pro Bono.

How do I create a Pro Bono account?

To create an account where you can manage Pro Bono job postings, go to and click Jobs > Post a Job > Login > Sign Up.

Read our guide to posting jobs on Pro Bono.

How many people use Pro Bono?

Pro Bono claims to have over 90,000 users a month.