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Established in 2009, OGV Energy Jobs claims to have the largest database and network of energy professionals in the world and offers employers direct access to over 2 million candidates. Employers benefit from affordable pricing plans, social media promotion, free customer support, and candidate management tools.

Although the platform caters to a global audience of energy professionals, it has a strong presence in the U.S., making it a good recruitment portal for local employers. However, the platform only provides pricing in pounds sterling and has no local office or contact number.


  • All pricing plans include free customer support.
  • The platform features a resume database for employers to search through.
  • The site offers company branding services to attract candidates.
  • Job posts can be promoted via the platform's social media channels.
  • The "Platinum Plan" includes a "Featured Company" profile, including website links and a website banner.
  • OGV Energy Jobs offers agency services where they will manage the entire recruitment process on an employer's behalf.
  • The platform is more affordable than competitors, such as Energy Jobline and Rigzone.
  • OGV Energy Jobs features advanced candidate management tools to manage applications.
  • The platform features a range of energy industry news articles.


  • There is no free job posting plan.
  • The platform does not share job posts with other job boards.
  • Pricing is only available in pounds sterling.
  • There is no local office or contact number.


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OGV Energy Jobs vs. Rigzone:

Both Rigzone and OGV Energy Jobs are niche job boards with a global reach. Rigzone primarily lists oil and gas opportunities, whereas OGV Energy Jobs features a more diverse range of energy jobs, such as renewable and nuclear vacancies. OGV Energy Jobs is the more affordable platform and offers a resume database, which Rigzone lacks.

OGV Energy Jobs vs. Energy Jobline:

Compared to OGV Energy Jobs, Energy Jobline features more U.S. vacancies, making it the better option for local hiring. Both platforms offer employers access to a resume database and feature social media promotion. Energy Jobline charges £125.00 per post, whereas OGV Energy Jobs charges £250.00 for five job posts, offering employers greater value.

OGV Energy Jobs vs. OilJobFinder:

OilJobFinder caters to the oil and gas industry, whereas OGV Energy Jobs accommodates careers in solar, wind, tidal, and nuclear energy. OilJobFinder is a membership-based organization and does not disclose its pricing online, whereas any employer can post a job with OGV Energy Jobs, making it the more versatile and accessible platform.

Key Information

Legal Name

OGV Energy (Scotland) Ltd.

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2009


10 Bridge Pl., Aberdeen, Scotland AB11 6HZ United Kingdom



011 44 1224 084114



What is OGV Energy Jobs?

OGV Energy Jobs is an energy job board that helps employers in the oil, gas, wind, tidal, solar, and nuclear energy sectors attract and recruit qualified professionals both locally and abroad.

What does it cost to post a job on OGV Energy Jobs?

OGV Energy Jobs' pricing ranges between £250.00 and £1,200.00 per month. The platform also offers annual pricing plans and a "Platinum" package.

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