Nursing Jobs

Nursing Jobs

November 19th, 2020

Nursing Jobs is a job posting website that specializes in posting nursing jobs in Australia. Qualified nurses can use the site to find positions in hospitals and care facilities across the country.

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How to Post a Job on Nursing Jobs:

  1. On the homepage, click "Post a Job".
  2. Sign in or sign up for an employer account.
  3. Select the type of posting you want to create.
  4. Enter all the job information.
  5. Review and pay for your posting.
  6. Click "Submit."

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Newcastle, Australia



How much does Nursing Jobs cost?

Nursing Jobs posting types cost between $126.00 and $200.00.

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How do I create a Nursing Jobs account?

To create a Nursing Jobs account where you can manage Nursing Jobs job postings, go to and click Sign Up > Employer.

Learn how to post a job on Nursing Jobs.

How can I edit a Nursing Jobs job posting?

If you want to edit your Nursing Jobs job posting, sign in to your account and select the posting you would like to modify. Make sure you save your changes before exiting.

See Nursing Jobs key information.

How can I delete a Nursing Jobs job posting?

You can remove a Nursing Jobs posting from the site by selecting it in your account and clicking the "Delete" option.

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