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NationJob's strength is its network of job sites that allow companies to make targeted recruiting at job-specific sites. Job posts reach an audience of over 500,000 job seekers from a wide range of industries and specialties, but there is no searchable candidate resume database and their starting price is costlier than their rivals.


  • Vacancies are advertised to over 500,000 job seekers.
  • A wide range of price plans suits hiring budgets big and small.
  • Discounts on bulk job posting appeal to large corporations hiring at scale.
  • Large companies who recruit throughout the year can benefit from unlimited job posting packages.
  • Job posts are formatted and categorized by NationJob staff to ensure they're of the highest quality and targeted effectively.
  • Listings are distributed to partner job sites for added reach.
  • Job seekers receive targeted job posts via P.J. Scout, a free emailing service for targeted advertising.
  • A Custom Jobs Page gives employers a branded profile with all their current openings advertised.
  • Job posts are sent to industry-specific job sites for targeted hiring.


  • There are no free job posting options.
  • Job posts have to be crafted by employers and emailed to NationJob. There are no job posting templates to use.
  • There is no searchable candidate resume database.
  • The website feels outdated and contains adverts.
  • There are currently fewer than 350 listings on the job board, making it less popular than prominent job sites such as Indeed.
  • Vacancies are not shared on the company's social media accounts.


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*See the pricing page for more information on unlimited annual job posting packages.

Recruiting Scams:

Recent years have seen an increase in the prevalence of recruiting scams, where scammers impersonate potential employers, recruiters, and similar to access financial and other sensitive information. Suspicious forms of communication should be reported to the company via official channels.

NationJob vs. Wyoming Nonprofit Network Job Board:

While NationJob's pricing starts at $300.00 per job post, Wyoming Nonprofit Network is entirely free. Neither platform offers a candidate resume database or social media sharing, but NationJob has a larger audience of job seekers and has price plans that appeal to large companies hiring in volume. Go with Wyoming Nonprofit Network if on a budget.

NationJob vs. Wyoming at Work:

Wyoming at Work is a free recruitment platform that offers tons of value. It has a candidate resume database and candidate management tools to streamline the hiring process. NationJob is a paid job board that does not have a resume database, but it offers targeted hiring and reaches a large pool of job seekers.

NationJob vs.

At $199.00 per job post, is a more affordable alternative to NationJob ($300.00 per job post). Both platforms offer discounts for posting in bulk, have various ways of promoting jobs, and distribute jobs to other job boards. has a searchable candidate resume database while NationJob does not.

Key Information

Legal Name

NationJob, Inc.

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1988


920 Morgan St., Ste. T, Des Moines, IA 5030



1 (800) 292-7731



What is NationJob?

NationJob is a job posting site that leverages its network of job-specific sites for targeted hiring. It advertises listings to an audience of over 500,000 job seekers and has plenty of pricing options.

What does it cost to post a job on NationJob?

NationJob's pricing ranges from $300.00 per post to $1,300.00 per post, and $950.00 per year to $19,000.00 per year for an annual package.

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