Basic (30-day listing)

$119.00 /post.

Standard (60-day listing)

$339.00 /post.

Prime (120-day listing)

$629.00 /post.

Ultimate (180-day listing)

$1,149.00 /post.


Founded in 1999, MomMD provides resources, online content, and employment services for women in medicine. The job board offers basic and extended posting options with an integrated applicant tracking system.

While MomMD is a great resource for employers looking to hire locally, the job board lacks advanced hiring features and does not distribute jobs to other sites.


  • The MomMD Job Board is a niche healthcare job board specifically for women.
  • Registration is quick and easy.
  • Employers can choose from a range of posting options to suit their budget and hiring needs.
  • It is possible to post a job for up to 180 days.
  • The job board has a simple interface and a built-in applicant tracking system (ATS).


  • MomMD does not offer free job postings.
  • Payments can only be made through Stripe or Paypal.
  • Jobs are not shared on social media or distributed to other job boards.
  • The platform is missing candidate matching tools.


We were unable to find any online reviews of the MomMD Job Board.

MomMD Job Board vs. CareerVitals:

CareerVitals is one of the largest healthcare job boards in the world. Where MomMD focuses on women in medicine, CareerVitals caters to all healthcare professionals. CareerVitals' pricing starts at $29.00 per post, making it far more affordable than MomMD, which charges upwards of $119.00 per post.

MomMD Job Board vs. Healthcare JobSite:

Where MomMD is a niche healthcare job board for women, HealthcareJobSite caters to all healthcare professionals. HealthcareJobSite also offers access to a candidate resume database, although this is not available on the entry plan which costs $199.00 per post. MomMD charges upwards of $119.00 per post and includes applicant tracking tools.

MomMD Job Board vs. HealthcareSource Job Board:

The HealthcareSource Job Board is a general healthcare job board with pricing starting at $200.00 per post. While MomMD is not as popular as the HealthcareSource Job Board, it is more affordable with pricing starting at $119.00 per post. Of the two, only MomMD offers 180-day posting options and built-in applicant tracking.

Key Information

Legal Name



Mimi Valentic

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1999


9901 Valley Ranch Pkwy. E., Ste. 2035, Irving, TX 75063




What does it cost to post a job on the MomMD Job Board?

Pricing for a MomMD Job Board listing starts at $119.00 for 30 days.

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