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JobsInMA is a regional job posting site that's equipped with both standard and advanced features, including access to a resume database, a company profile, and job ad distribution to more than 100 affiliated websites. Perfect for businesses varying in size, the platform includes bulk packages of up to 100 posts per year.


  • Employers can set up a comprehensive company profile to improve branding and credibility.
  • The platform includes access to a resume database.
  • Job ads are distributed to over 100 popular job boards.
  • JobsInMA features applicant tracking tools to help employers better manage applications.
  • Employers can choose between a wide selection of job posting plans, making it ideal for different-sized businesses.
  • The platform allows employers to search for candidates by keywords and location.
  • While focused on Massachusetts, the website allows employers to advertise from across the country.
  • Compared to competitors, such as MassLive Jobs and, JobsInMA is the more cost-effective solution.


  • The platform does not offer any free options.
  • JobsInMA lacks comprehensive social media sharing features in its plans.


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Monthly Pricing

1 Job Slot


5 Job Slots


10 Job Slots


25 Job Slots




Resume Views

Contact for quote.

JobsInMA also offers 90-day and annual plans as well as feature enhancements. Check out their pricing page for more details.

How to Post a Job on JobsInMA:

$219.00 USD
10 Minutes
How to Post a Job on JobsInMA:

Four easy steps for posting a job on JobsInMA.


Posting a job on JobsInMA.

Navigate to the JobsInMA home page.

Go to JobsInMA's home page and click on "REGISTER NOW" under the "Post Jobs" heading.


Create a business account.

Create a business account.

Complete the business registration form and click on "SUBMIT."


Choose a job posting package.

Choose a job posting package.

Once you've logged into the employer's account, click on "PURCHASE PACKAGES" under the "PURCHASE" heading. This will direct you to the payment page. Here, make sure that you've chosen the right package from the drop-down menu under the "Job Slots" heading.

Read through the various add-on packages available and confirm your order.


Add your billing details.

Add your billing details.

At the bottom of the payments page, complete the billing form and click on "CONFIRM PURCHASE" to proceed to the job ad form.

Once you've completed the payment, you'll be able to fill-in the job ad form and publish it.

JobsInMA vs. Built in Boston:

Built in Boston is an online job board dedicated to Boston's tech and start-up industry. The platform provides standard job posting features for $69.00 per month. JobsInMA, on the other hand, is a dedicated job board that reaches the whole of Massachusetts for $219.00 per post, and its plans include robust tools, such as detailed analytics.

JobsInMA vs. MassLive Jobs:

JobsInMA and MassLive Jobs are similar in reach, with both competitors offering statewide exposure. However, JobsInMA stands out as the more cost-effective solution. While JobsInMA's plans start at $219.00 per post, MassLive Jobs' plans start at $375.00 per post and exclude detailed job ad analytics, a feature listed in JobsInMA's offerings.

JobsInMA vs.

While is a general job board with a dedicated portal for Massachusetts employers, it lacks the local visibility and legitimacy provided by JobsInMA. In comparison, JobsInMA costs $219.00 per post and includes job ad reporting., on the other hand, charges $499.00 per post for similar features.

Key Information

Legal Name

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1999



1 (877) 374-1088



What is JobsInMA?

JobsInMA forms part of the network, offering Massachusetts employers a dedicated portal for advertising local vacancies. Besides the comprehensive job board, the platform includes job post analytics, job ad distribution, and company profiles.

How much does it cost to post a job on JobsInMA?

JobsInMA's pricing range starts at $219.00 per month for a single job post.

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