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Jobs in Astronomy is a specialist job site that forms part of The Key Job Board Connection, which includes an extensive network of niche sites, powered by the recruitment advertising service provider, The platform promises employers fast and direct access to a worldwide audience of astronomy academics, engineers, and graduates.

There are two one-off job posting packages as well as annual subscriptions with unlimited job ads available, but the site lacks a free plan or trial option. While it offers a longer-than-average job ad duration of 60 days, the site does not feature other common hiring tools, such as a searchable resume database and candidate management tools.


  • Employers can choose between a standard and premium job posting plan, as well as unlimited subscription options.
  • Job ads are published for 60 days, which is longer than the average of 30 days.
  • Premium job ads are sorted toward the top of the jobs page.
  • The site also offers banner advertising.
  • Employers can opt to boost job ad visibility across more than 100 other sites through The Key Job Board Connection.


  • There is no free job posting plan.
  • The platform does not mention applicant tracking tools, resume searches, or employer profile pages.


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Jobs in Astronomy vs. AAS Job Register:

With a starting price of $76.22 per post, AAS Job Register, the job posting page of the American Astronomical Society, is more affordable than Jobs in Astronomy, which has a starting price of $120.00 per post. Neither platform offers resume searches or applicant tracking, but Jobs in Astronomy stands out with a premium job posting plan.

Jobs in Astronomy vs. Physics World Jobs:

Unlike Jobs in Astronomy, which has a starting price of $120.00 per post, Physics World Jobs has a free option. However, it has a higher starting price of $599.00 per post. Both sites offer a premium posing plan, but only Physics World Jobs offers company profile pages.

Jobs in Astronomy vs. Inspire Job Board:

Jobs in Astronomy offers several job posting plans, including a premium option, as well as recruitment advertising options, whereas the Inspire Job Board only has one job posting option. However, the Inspire job board offers a free job posting service, while Jobs in Astronomy has a starting price of $120.00 per post.

Key Information

Legal Name

Jobs in Astronomy

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2000


5443 Fremontia Ln., San Diego, CA 92115


1 (800) 311-0563



What does it cost to post a job on Jobs in Astronomy?

Jobs in Astronomy's pricing starts at $120.00 per post.

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