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AAS Job Register provides a simple job posting service that lacks additional features, such as options to highlight listings for more visibility, employer branding opportunities, and candidate management tools. While it does not offer a free plan, the base rate for job ads is very competitive, and employers benefit from hiring tips and guides.


  • The job posting service has a lower starting price than some alternatives, such as Jobs in Astronomy.
  • Job listings have a high character limit of 2,000, with the option to add more for a low additional fee.
  • The jobs page is estimated to attract around 10,000 unique visitors every month.
  • Employers have access to resources that provide tips and recommended practices for hiring.
  • Job ads can be created, edited, and managed from an online dashboard.
  • The site notifies members who are in their Job Register email list of new job postings.
  • In some cases, AAS Job Register may give institutions from developing countries a discount of up to 50%.


  • There is no free job posting plan.
  • The site does not offer resume searches, applicant tracking tools, employer branding options, or job post upgrades.


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Base Rate

$76.22 /wk.

Add-On: Additional Rate per Word

$0.05 /wk.

AAS Job Register vs. Physics World Jobs:

Unlike AAS Job Register, which has a starting price of $76.22 per week, Physics World Jobs offers a free job posting option and paid plans with a starting rate of $599.00 for a 30-day listing. The latter also offers premium job ads and reaches a broader audience in the science community, whereas AAS Job Registry only lists astronomy-related jobs.

AAS Job Register vs. Jobs in Astronomy:

Like AAS Job Register, Jobs in Astronomy is a dedicated site for career opportunities in astronomy. The latter offers better features, such as premium options and job distribution. While AAS Job Register has a lower starting price of $76.22 per week per listing, Jobs in Astronomy's plans start at $120.00 for a 60-day job post.

AAS Job Register vs. Inspire Job Board:

Inspire Job Board is more affordable than AAS Job Register as it provides a free job posting service. AAS Job Register, on the other hand, has a starting price of $76.22 per week per post. Neither site offers a searchable resume database, employer branding options, job post upgrades, or an applicant tracking system.

Key Information

Legal Name

American Astronomical Society

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1899


1667 K St. NW, Ste. 800, Washington, DC 20006



1 (202) 328-2010



What does it cost to post a job on AAS Job Register?

AAS Job Register's pricing starts at $76.22 per week per post.

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